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Zombie Frontier 3 Review

By Feelingtouch Inc.


According to its developer, Zombie Frontier 3 offers a rich gameplay and has an all new game design that will push your mobile device to its limit and it promises that you will have a completely new zombie shooting experience.

Zombie Frontier 3

Zombie Frontier 3 is a very exciting Zombie shooting game with great weapons and thrilling gameplay. The game offers a wide range of weapons like assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles and more. Use every weapon in your arsenal to kill every last zombie.

Zombie Frontier 3

The game offers a vast world with multiple maps, it has 4 regions and 200 levels where you can protect yourself and others, look for clues about the outbreak, search for a cure, discover the truth behind the virus and shoot a lot of brain hungry zombies.

Zombie Frontier 3

Challenge yourself and learn to aim for the head, prioritize your targets, the only way to survive is to adapt to different situations. You will need to defeat 4 challenging bosses but you will earn over 40 different achievements doing so. You can compete against players around the world and see who’s the better shooter and the better hunter. You will earn awesome rewards on the way. Zombie Frontier 3 is a great game and it’s featured on our top zombie games for iPhone and iPad page.


The Good

Great gameplay, stunning graphics and a variety of maps, weapons, and bosses. One of the best zombie games for iPhone and iPad.


The bad

Pricey upgrades, although the game is free, it requires quite a few upgrades to move up. It can be laggy at times according to some players on the app store.


Zombie Frontier 3 Trailer

Download Zombie Frontier 3 here.

Zombie Frontier 3 Scores

Gameplay - 6.7
Replay-ability - 7
Controls - 6.7
Graphics - 7.7
Sound - 7.8
Price - 6
User Rating: 4.5 ( 1 votes)


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