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Why You’re Making Mobile Streaming a Hit for Major Brands

Why You’re Making Mobile Streaming a Hit for Major Brands

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If you want to stand out as a start-up in the online arena, you need to learn a thing or two from the big boys. However, that’s not all you need to do. As experts, entrepreneurs and industry insiders learned at the recent Dublin Tech Summit, there are a number of things you need to do well if you don’t want your startup to end prematurely.

Hosted by the Convention Centre Dublin and featuring 200 domestic and international tech gurus, the inaugural summit was a huge success. In fact, such was the response to the event that tickets are already on sale for the 2018 edition. Helping to fuel this positivity was the strategy and marketing insights from the likes of Pixar story creator, Matthew Luhn.

Live Content Creates More of a Buzz

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Addressing the crowd, Luhn highlighted how startups need to grab the attention of audiences if they’re going to survive. Pointing to corporate examples such as William Hill, Luhn explained that vibrant homepages were the key to driving traffic to your site or app. One technique he was particularly hot on was live streaming. Now something of a staple in the gaming world, live streams have helped to bring the gap between virtual and reality without the help of Oculus Rift of any of the other major VR players.

Luhn’s example was referencing the rise of live dealer casino gaming that’s now popular online. Players can take their iPhone or iPad, log in to their online casino account and connect with real dealers and croupiers via livestream. Through a combination of RFID tags, webcams and specialty software, online players can connect with game settings as if they were really there.

Players Twitching to Stream Their Content

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Naturally, it’s not just the online casino world that’s hopped aboard the mobile streaming train. Market leader Twitch has been championing the medium since 2011 and, today, it’s the go-to platform for more than 100 million users. According to the latest statistics, daily viewership is now up to 9.7 million and around 35 percent of those are watching via their mobile devices.

Similar to Twitch is Mobcrush. Powered by One Touch technology, this mobile streaming platform has raised more than $20 million from investors such as Lionsgate Interactive and Evolution Media over the last few years. As well as giving gamers the chance to stream their exploits in games such as Mobile Legends and Minecraft, Mobcrush describes itself as an “epicenter” for creator-driven media.

Creator Content is a Company’s Dream
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This, in a nutshell, is what’s really helping businesses stand out and appeal to the masses. There’s no doubt that live streaming content creates a sensory vibrancy that simple animations can’t match. However, there is something deeper at play here and that’s engagement and demand. Giving users the ability to get involved, have their say and create something they actually want to see is a turn-on. This, in turn, makes the platform more appealing.

In essence, mobile streaming does more than connect us to a real situation, it connects us to the content in a more personal way. If sites like YouTube were the first to give us control over media content, then streaming has taken it to a new level. Instead of just controlling what we watch, we’re creating what we watch. Major brands have tapped into this and that’s why we’re now seeing mobile streaming being used a tool for engagement.

Whether it’s Instagram’s live video function or Kamcord’s mobile game streaming service, more companies are embracing this technology. As a user, this means more content, more visuals and more entertainment via your iOS device.


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