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This is why you’re going to buy the iPhone 8 no matter how much it will cost

Apparently, Apple would release the iPhone 8 with 128GB or 256GB capacity and prices of $ 999 and $ 1099 respectively. Of course, lots of storage space but also a fairly high cost. However, US entrepreneur Warren Buffett recently commented that one of the great advantages that Apple has is that its users are insensitive to the price, come, it seems that it does not matter to pay 600 then 1000 euros.

It’s not the first time we hear the rumour, but this time it seems to have taken on more force: the iPhone 8, or iPhone Edition or iPhone X will cost more than 1000 euros.

Borderless display with OLED technology, 3D sensor, dual camera, facial recognition, augmented reality, wireless charging … many features that seem to justify the price increase.

Of course, Apple’s strategy is becoming more beneficial. When Apple launched its first Plus model, only 31% of buyers chose it over the standard version. But with the iPhone 7 the thing changed: 51% opted for the premium features of the iPhone 7 Plus although obviously, it was more expensive. And now, according to Goldman Sachs, 58% of users who are going to buy an iPhone in the next cycle will opt for the iPhone 8, the great jewel of the Apple crown over the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus.

It is this interest in the advanced features of the iPhone 7 Plus that has marked Apple’s path: its users want to continue enjoying the best and most innovative of the market, although this means a 9% increase in spending. In fact, the average sale price in 2017 is $ 695 for $ 762, expected in 2018.

The key to everything may be that each time standard and Plus versions are becoming more different. While at first, the only variations were battery and screen size, the iPhone 7 Plus boasts a significantly better camera. But every time will go to more.



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