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WatchOS 4 – Improvements, Features & Everything You Need to know

WatchOS 4: New vertical dock, New watch faces, Improved Music app and more.

WatchOS 4 is a smarter coach and workout partner. A more effective way to track your heart rate. Better in tune with your taste in music. And an even more proactive all-day assistant. WatchOS 4 bundled with Apple Watch 3 brings the latest generation of wearables from Apple.

WatchOS 4  was introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June of 2017. WatchOS 4 features a new vertical dock, new watch faces, improved Music app and more. With watchOS 4 – Apple has focused on introducing a more personalized Apple Watch experience and improving what people love most about the Apple Watch, bringing new Activity, Music, and Workout features.


What’s new in watchOS 4?

In Apple’s Q3 2017 financial earnings call on 1 August, Tim Cook said:

Apple Watch will become more intelligent than ever this fall with watchOS4, featuring a proactive Siri watch face, personalized activity coaching, and an entirely new music experience. watchOS 4 also introduces GymKit, a groundbreaking technology platform to connect workouts with cardio equipment.

New watchOS faces

There are three new watch faces in watchOS 4, including a new Siri watch face that offers up dynamic, personalized information that changes based on the time of day. It takes into account your daily routine, the apps you use, and when you use them to predict what you’ll want to see next. Other watch faces include a photo-based Kaleidoscope face and a new Toy Story face starring Jessie, Woody, and Buzz Lightyear.

watchOS 4 new faces
watchOS 4 New Faces


Fitness & Workout improvements

Be prepared for your watch to constantly encourage and nag you to be more active. It will bring monthly challenges to the activity app as well as intelligent coaching, which Apple says will allow you to reach your goals quicker.

The notifications in Activity are now more personalized according to you – they’ll let you know if you’re close to an achievement, for example. And there’s ‘smart coaching’, which again is personalized to you. This will offer monthly challenges, based on your history and activity records.

Apple has also introduced a new feature known as GymKit in the new watchOS 4 which allows the Apple watch to connect with various Gym equipment via NFC. Apple has also introduced new high-intensity mode with Apple watch for some serious cases in which instructors don’t compromise with fitness and they provide better schedules to users.

Apple has also realized that notifications aren’t important during a workout, so Do Not Disturb will automatically be activated when a workout is initiated, and then automatically turn it off once the workout is complete.

With watchOS 4, the heart rate app on your watch is revamped, and there’s a new option to be alerted if you have a high heart rate when resting.

Apple Music New Features

The Apple Music app on Apple Watch is also going to automatically sync music when you get the update. It means you can get Apple Music playlists like New Music Fix, Favorites Mix and your most listened to music downloaded directly to your watch offering you more options to listen to music while on the go.

watchOS 4 Apple Music
watchOS 4 Apple Music

A new feature in watchOS 4 is also that you can swipe left from the workout menu to access music controls. You can also set your personal playlists or artists to sync to the watch as you charge it each night.


Bluetooth Improvements

Apple is also bringing native core Bluetooth with watchOS 4. That will let you pair accessories with your watch and means you can pair other trackers such as a glucose monitor.


Apple Pay on Apple Watch

WatchOS 4 will allow you to make person to person payments with Apple Pay. This is part of new Apple Pay upgrades for iOS 11 but also works on your Apple Watch too. Apple Pay on watchOS 4 is initially limited to US users only.

watchOS 4 Apple Pay
watchOS 4 Apple Pay

With the watchOS 4, Apple has enabled its Apple Watch users to make or receive payments from family and friend easily, quickly, and securely with Apple Pay within Messages or using Siri. Whenever the user receives the money in their new Apple Pay Cash account, they can use that money to make payments through Apple Pay and even transfer to their own bank account.

How to Install WatchOS 4

These are the new features you need to know about watchOS 4, to update your Apple Watch you’ll want to update your iPhone to iOS 11, then update your Apple Watch to watchOS 4. In the Watch app on your iPhone, go to General > Software Update and then follow the prompts. Make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection and your Apple Watch’s charging cable with you.


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