Want to Purchase an iPhone for yourself? Here is a guide.

Which is the best iPhone to buy – Should I go for the latest generation mobiles like iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus or an older version of iPhone SE or iPhone 6 Plus? These are the dilemmas that commonly comes to a person when he is stepping out of the house for buying an iPhone.

Well, the best and the perfect iPhone that you need right now is completely dependent on who you are, till what extent you can stretch your pocket and hand size, and what is your actual requirements for the device. Stretching the pocket for iPhone will not restrain you from buying the device. This is because there are numerous offers available at Dealslands from where you can buy the device at very affordable prices.

Have a look at this guide so that it will be helpful in assisting you in choosing for the best piece available.

  • iPhone 7 Generation

Wondering about what to buy, 4.7″ iPhone or 5.5″ iPhone! Well, the 5.5″ version has a bigger screen along with sharper resolution than that of 7. Both the devices are having dual rear cameras. But iPhone 7 Plus has the potential to open a new world in the mobile photography.

The iconic and historic home button will no longer be physical i.e. it will not be visible on the display. The lock button will consist of a ballet of pressure sensors and vibration sensors that will be stimulated at the feel of a button. The device contains the newly launched A10 Fusion processor that has the blended power of two cores of high capacity.

I must admit that iPhone 7 and the upgraded versions are a giant leap towards the vision of the future.

  • iPhone 6 and SE Generation

The iPhone 6S Plus would you costs around iPhone 7. whereas iPhone 6S starts at an affordable price of £499. But if you are really searching for a real budget option, then I think iPhone SE would be the best option for you. The overhauled design of the iPhone SE 6 and iPhone SE has the best of the specifications like boosted processor, improved battery, and better camera details.

  • Second-Hand Options

If you are strapped up for cash, that does not imply that you are not able to own an iPhone. There are various stores available like Currys and lot more where you are able to get an old handset, especially when others are upgrading to the latest device. You can also enjoy a good deal on the older handsets if someone is looking to sell his current iPhone.


  • Why should you upgrade to iPhone?

You might have a doubt of will it be worth of to upgrade to iPhone or not! But now when the prices of the iPhone devices have dropped, along with the redesigned home button, waterproofing, and stereo speakers as well be made available. So it is advisable to upgrade your device to iOS.

If you are a hardcore games lover, then the internal storage of 32 GB or 64 GB is more than sufficient. If you want some heavy graphical beasts, then iPhone 6 and above versions would be best suited for you.

So first, identify your budget and then go for the technical specifications later. This will help you in better planning and save some extra pounds in your wallet.



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