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Waiting For The Future: 3 App Games That Need Virtual Reality NOW

Source: Leap Motion via Facebook

As we move further and further into the history of video games and observe all of the changes and trends popular now, we can see a few recent advancements that have really defined gaming. eSports, the massively popular industry focus on presenting competitive gaming to the masses and virtual reality lead this evolution and influence developers as well as the future of gaming itself. Of course, mobile gaming is a popular trend as well since the rise to fame of app games and the release of the Nintendo Switch.

Today we wanted to focus on a few mobile games that could greatly benefit from the inclusion of virtual reality as it becomes a technology that we can bring with us wherever we go. After all, there are already top 10 lists of mobile VR games; these titles just happen to be lagging behind a bit. So buckle up and get ready for us to (hopefully) predict the future.

Source: Pokemon GO via Facebook

Pokemon Go

As Pokemon Go wades into its second year of life, it does so with the promise to release the third generation of monsters within the next few months, already teasing us with some of the entries. Now, there might be some arguments here that the app is classified as augmented reality, but the inclusion of a VR mode would create the world around the player rather than place sprites in the world around you. While the latter is a novel idea, it gets boring quickly as it fails to believably incorporate the creatures into the world. Being able to see the Pokemon in a virtual environment would engage the player more, something the game has struggled with after the initial craze died down. If the title broke the record of $200 million in a single month previously set by Titans Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, there’s no telling what the introduction of virtual reality could do. However, as the technology is still new, developers Niantic are likely just waiting until they can incorporate VR within the game as more than a gimmick. It’s possible that a successful transition to the mobile game could give Nintendo the green light to implement the technology in future console releases.

Casino Games

Okay, so this one is a bit broad, but with the huge following gambling games have, it’s a wonder they havent made the transition from live poker tables to VR tables by now. It seems to be the next logical step in immersion for people who can’t be at the casino. Digital currencies can be of great help to VR, as brands will want to reach audiences globally. The blog on is a perfect example of how these online casinos could benefit greatly, as they offer more than 1,300 games available online as well as on mobile. This is strengthened by the fact that people can play with bitcoins rather than government-issued currency and can immediately add funds to their account while they sit at the blackjack table. This makes bitcoins the perfect match with VR as both assist people in a world outside of the physical one. If this could be implemented into phone apps, it might not long before we see casinos completely move to cyber space.

Source: Clash of Clans via Facebook

Clash of Clans

Speaking of Clash of Clans, the mobile strategy game teased us with a VR experience in the form of a virtual reality raid over a year ago. While the experience wasn’t the most mind-blowing display of the technology we’ve seen, room for improvement could lead to an interesting system where players look down upon their armies in real time as they command them. This could then be taken a step further with interactions between friendly and enemy players being able to see each other as battles play out. It would be a fun addition that not only gets players closer to the action but gives them new ways to communicate in game.

And there you have it. As virtual reality continues on and hopefully changes gaming for the better, we hope to see these titles in particular benefit from the technology and grow in way players never thought possible. Without changes like these, we’d be playing the same way forever and that seems a bit boring.