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VIE FIT Wireless Earphones: A True Rival For The Apple AirPods

Bluetooth earphones come in all shapes and sizes. There are compact in-ear earphones for sport and exercise, as well as larger on-ear and over-ear headphones that provide additional features such as noise cancellation and longer battery life.

Wireless earphones are all about convenience, as the Bluetooth wireless tech allows you to ditch those annoying, tangled cables and just start listening to your music with a quick tap of a button. If convenience is your number-one priority, then a set of compact in-ear earphones might well be your best option. They’re ideal for running and other forms of exercise, as well as general day-to-day use. You can simply slip them into your pocket when you’re finished, or just leave them dangling around your neck like a high-tech fashion accessory.

Trouble is ordinary true wireless earphones are often too big to fit comfortably in your ear. Not only are they bulky looking, sticking out from your ear, they irritate some parts of the ear after long periods of use. Poorly fitting earphones leak sound and result in poor audio quality. They even just fall off when you are exercising.

wireless earphonesVIE FIT begs to differ, according to its designer, VIE FIT is the world’s softest, custom-fitting, true wireless earphone, not only the ear tip but the whole housing touching your skin is made from ultra-flexible, low resistance, antibacterial, durable silicon so it seamlessly conforms to your ears’ shape

Vie Fit’s 360 rotating speaker system is omnidirectional and moves naturally to fit the angle of your ear delivering optimal sound directly to your eardrum. When combined with the gapless fit, you can enjoy the superior sound quality of the 8mm neodymium dynamic speaker.

Everyone’s ears are different. Ordinary true wireless earphones are often too big to fit comfortably into your ear, hurting some parts of your ear after long periods of use. Poorly fitting earphones just fall off when you are exercising.

The VIE FIT’s “Soft Shell” structure changes shape according to your ear and custom-fits softly and securely, so you can wear the earphones for long periods of time without stress or pain.

Most earphones have a one size fits all assumption. We don’t expect you to fit to our product. We want our product to fit to you. That’s why we replaced the traditional fixed angle speaker assembly with a flexible one.

Vie Fit’s articulating speaker is omnidirectional and moves naturally to fit the angle of your ear delivering optimal sound directly to your eardrum. The gapless fit allows you to experience the full power of Vie Fit’s high quality 8mm neodymium dynamic speakers while efficiently eliminating outside noise.

VIE FIT uses powerful 8mm dynamic speakers that produce excellent sound with a frequency response tuned for powerful, deep lows, clear instrumentals, and crisp vocals. Enjoy how they truly sound like with the gapless fit.

Some earphone users can experience ear infections after long-term or heavy usage. Vie Fit is made from FDA and EPA approved antibacterial silicon to protect your earphones from any harmful bacteria after longer periods of use.

Many wireless earphones have connectivity problems. The most common reason is poor antenna deployment. When the antenna is buried in the housing and deep inside the ear, the signal gets disrupted. Vie Fit avoids this common problem by optimally placing the antenna on the outer edge of the housing where it can receive the best signal.

The 200-degree ellipse design antenna allows for a greater signal reception while keeping you smart looking without sticking out of your ear.

VIE FIT comes with 4.5 hours of continuous listening time and 33 hours of playback with the included charging case.

Whether you’re at home or out and about, background noise can make having a clear conversation difficult. Qualcomm’s® cVc™ ambient noise cancellation technology provides the highest quality advanced audio enhancements and noise suppression. You get uncompromised call quality with your Vie Fit earphones.

After the initial pairing, Vie Fit will automatically connect to your phone as soon as you turn it on.

Vie Fit connects with phones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs and many other devices using Bluetooth Technology.

Compatible with:
Apple: iOS devices, MacOS computers
Android: phones, tablets, smartwatches
Windows: computers
VR Headsets


Check out VIE FIT on Kickstarter.