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How to use Private Browsing in Safari on your iOS device

Private browsing is a well-known feature which almost every browser supports. Using this feature, your browsing data won’t be saved/stored on your device. The good thing is that no one will be able to see what you were browsing and since your browsing data isn’t stored, you won’t be losing free space. This will also secure your private information and it will block some websites from tracking your search behavior.

In this article, we will focus on explaining how to enable this feature and how to use it in Safari on your iPhone/iPad.

How to enable Private mode in Safari

To start browsing in Private mode, open up Safari and then click on this icon . Now click on Private in the bottom left corner of the screen. You should now be switched to the Private mode. To see if it’s enabled, check if the Safari background theme is in black (that means Private mode is enabled). Tap on Done and the bottom right corner of the screen to start browsing privately.

How to start browsing in private mode

This part is pretty simple. After you’ve pressed Done after selecting Private mode, simply click on the + icon at the bottom of the screen for a new window to open up. Now use your Safari like before but remember that the pages you visit, your search history, or your AutoFill information (your login information) won’t be saved.

To turn this feature off again simply press on the Private again at the bottom left corner of the screen.

This seems to be everything you need to know to start browsing privately. If you are, however, using some third party browser there is a very high chance Private mode is supported in that browser too. It is usually placed at the tab management screen or in the settings of that browser.

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