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Updated Benefits for the iPhone 8

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The iPhone 8 was unveiled in September and – despite being overshadowed by the iPhone X – may prove to be the most realistic jump for most people when upgrading their Apple phone. The changes between the iPhone 7 and 8 are definitely tangible and have addressed some queries that fans and critics of the brand have had for some time. Here are the upgrades you can expect on the iPhone 8.

Processing Power

The A11 Bionic processor is equipped with a neural engine and embedded M1 motion coprocessor. Apple’s three core graphics processor unit is up to 30% faster than the previous generation graphics. So, the iPhone X is fully equipped with everything that the modern world throws at us – from video conferencing to streaming movies online, to Skyping with family across the world. Gaming on the phone is also made a lot easier with the added performance enhancements – which means the apps can be developed in a more robust way in order to pose mobile gaming as a potential direct alternative to console or PC gaming.

Apple Pay

The iPhone continues to utilize Apple Pay, which enables users to pay using their phone as the debit/credit card. While this can be useful out and about using your phone at the chip and pin machine, it’s even more useful when making an online transaction. For example, Mastercard payment is an option with Mobile Wins online slots, which can be made far simpler with the card already connected to the iPhone. Touch ID made Apple Pay especially useful, given how useful the tool has become for modern day life. The iPhone X replaced Touch ID with Face ID, which reportedly also works as well with Apple Pay. For some, that may be a game changer enough for them to skip the 8 and move straight to the X.

The Glass Back

One of the most popular/unpopular features of the iPhone 8 is the glass back. Obviously, this choice was made in order to allow the phone to be wirelessly charged. However, many critics are stating that the backs have now become as fragile as the fronts. Although, breaking a phone is not on the agenda for every iPhone 8 user. Apple states that the back is made from glass 50% more durable, which should set detractors’ minds at ease.

The Screen

The screen is improved from the iPhone 7, with True Tone abilities being encoded, which uses a light sensor to adjust the white balance depending on the natural light available. The faculty will allow for the optimal reading abilities depending on whether the user is outside, inside, or somewhere at night. This is especially important given the amount of time spent on the phone – a third of waking hours according to the Huffington Post.

Apple continues to innovate with every incarnation of the iPhone they produce, and that tradition hasn’t changed with the release of the iPhone 8. With a sleeker finish and an overall faster operating system, the iPhone 8 continues in a long line of improvements to one of the most popular smartphones.




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