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Apple tvOS 11: Release Date, Rumors and Features

Just as iPhones and Macs are receiving new updates/betas for their operating system, tvOS 11 is following them. Apple TV is expected to get this new OS later this year since Apple just mentioned it a few weeks ago at their annual developer conference (WWDC). The latest software, tvOS 10, came out in September last year so we could expect tvOS 11 to come in September 2017 also.

Apple released tvOS 11 public beta not so long ago after their conference, making it the first public beta for Apple tvOS so far. The newest OS is available for download by connecting an Apple TV to a computer with a USB-C cable and installing the beta software using iTunes. The update does not bring so many improvements compared to iOS 11 and Mac’s High Sierra and that is why didn’t talk too much about tvOS at their annual developer conference.



tvOS 11 Expected Features:

Amazon Prime will be supported – After being one step behind their competitors because of the Amazon Prime Video support, Apple finally added support for it to their tvOS

Improvements for AirPod support – AirPods will automatically pair with the Apple TV through iCloud which is small, but nice, update for users who had to manually pair their headphones

Home Screen sync – This feature will let you sync your apps and home screen across two or more devices connected to the same iCloud and that are running tvOS 11

Auto-appearance switching – Your user interface will change during the day based on the local light levels, so we can expect to have dark and light UI during the day

This new software is expected to fix some minor stability issues as well as some known problems. Current beta testers say beta is pretty stable so far, but if you don’t really need any of these new features, it’s recommended to wait for the full version to come out before updating.


tvOS 11 Developer Beta

tvOS 11 beta 3 is currently only available to registered developers for testing, although a free public beta that usually follows a few days after is also active.

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