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TSMC begins production of A11 processor for iPhone 8

The company TSMC has officially begun the process of manufacturing the Apple A11 SoC chip for the iPhone in August 2017. At least this indicates the latest report by DigiTimes.

Since TSMC wanted to start mass production of the iPhone 8 processor in April, but they faced some problems with the components, which we will detail in this article. This year TSMC will be the sole supplier of the A11 chips for Apple’s special edition iPhone.

TSMC’s A11 chip is expected to be included also in the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, which are supposed to have the same design as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, although according to some rumours could change slightly in some Secondary aspects.

Start the iPhone 8!

As usual, Apple has designed the A11 layers under its own specification and has gone to a third-party company to proceed with its production.

Most tests and benchmarks indicate that Apple’s CPU designs offer the best performance in the smartphone industry.


So explained in DigiTimes the problems of TSMC in the production of the A11 chip from Apple:

“TSMC has begun production of the 10nm chip for the next generation of the Apple iPhone 8 series, sources cite. The production was affected by problems involving mismatched components in the packaging process but have already been solved. “

Other rumours indicate that the iPhone 8 could have 3 GB of RAM, just like the iPhone 7 Plus. A few days ago, we reported that the production of the iPhone 8 would not start until October or November so its subsequent launch would be delayed more than a month over previous years.



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