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Top 3 eSports Apps for iPhone Users

Here at iFans, we cover all sorts of Apple-related news and products but one thing we almost never seem to cover is eSports. This isn’t because we live in a black hole where professional gaming skirts around our collective interests, it’s because Apple never really seems to have embraced eSports like other platforms have. Or, at least, the company’s efforts to adopt eSports haven’t been covered thoroughly.

You see, there are apps that focus on the world of pro gaming available on Apple’s App Store; they simply don’t seem to receive as much attention as they should. So, today, we thought we’d take a look at what the App Store has to offer the world of eSports.

Strafe Esports

Developer: Strafe AB

Price: Free

If you’re looking for an eSports experience straight from your iPhone, iPad or Mac, then Strafe Esports is the app for you. Whether you’re into Hearthstone or CS: GO, this app enables users to follow all of their favorite teams and/or players as they compete in the world’s biggest gaming tournaments, complete with up-to-date results and news. There’s even an extremely active community you can access, where you and others predict who will win and try to top the leaderboard.

Live streams are available through the app from numerous sites including Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Azubu, and Hitbox so all you have to do is open the app to get all the action. As for upcoming tournaments, you can simply check the calendar to ensure you never miss a round. If you’re into eSports, then Strafe Esports is the well-rounded app that covers all of your needs.

Blitz Esports

Developer: Instant eSports

Price: Free

For those of you who are interested in only the most popular eSport titles, Blitz Esports may just have everything you need. Built specifically for League of Legends (LoL) and CS:GO, this app provides all of the updates, news coverage, discussion boards, and streams for all of these games’ major tournaments.

The interface is extremely easy to handle and the app can serve as a companion to internet-based eSports betting sites such as, which is just the first stop for anyone who wants to know the most up-to-the-minute odds on worldwide gaming competitions. Games, teams, and players are all listed and easy to find so you’d have to try pretty hard to miss anything as news pops up on your screen. Still, if you do, there’s a replay function so you can catch up.

theScore esports

Developer: theScore

Price: Free

Finally, we have the app described as “the ultimate mobile eSports experience”: theScore esports. This app aims to faultlessly merge breaking news updates, live scores, statistics, links to video highlights, push alerts, and live streams from all around the world. Yes, it’s very similar to the other two apps we’ve listed but we never said the apps were particularly diverse.

theScore esports covers every major game involved in tournaments including LoL, Dota 2, CS:GO, CoD, StarCraft II, Hearthstone, and more. Plus, the developers are promising to add even more games in the future. The main aim of this app is to allow you to access tournaments regardless of where you are so you are never left behind.

Are there any Apple apps that focus on eSports that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.



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