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TOP 10 Apple TV Games to play in 2017

Apple TV has its own App Store from which you can download apps/games just like on your iPhone/iPad. Those apps/games use different controls and bigger screen which give you different experience when playing it. If you just recently bought an Apple TV or you are interested in finding new games to play on your Apple TV, you came to the right place. We will guide you through the current TOP 10 games you can play in this article.


It’s one of the most popular games on all Apple Devices, so why not on Apple TV too? If you still haven’t heard of Minecraft, it’s a game where you build your world the way you like it. Time passes by very quickly when you are playing this game and can be often very addictive. In this game you can build structures, farm animals, make different weapons, and then you can go steal someone else’s farm if you want. In other words, there are endless possibilities what you can do in this game.

Alto’s Adventure

This is a really cool adventure where you control Alto who is a tireless runner. The game looks so beautiful and gorgeous when you play it because of its colors, smooth animations and overall environment in which you play. It feels so relaxing to play this game while you are sitting on your couch and playing it on the big screen. Your Siri remote is more than enough to play this game since you only need few buttons for it.

Crossy Road

You probably heard of this game before since it’s very popular. It’s also available in the App Store for your Apple TV, so you can download it for free. If you didn’t hear about this game before, which we wouldn’t believe you, this is a game where you need to cross the road by avoiding traffic. It’s pretty simple to play you just need to be careful for the cars, trucks and trains not to hit you.  If you played this game on your iPhone/iPad before, try it on your Apple TV to get a different experience on the bigger screen.


This is a puzzle game where you need to escape from people that want to catch you by getting to the other side of the screen. To escape, you’ll need to rearrange the panels to create the correct series of events. The main character which you control is a shadowy man who needs to outsmart people who are trying to catch him. You will learn to play this game after a few times you tried it.

Lara Croft GO

Inspired by the PC/console game, this is a challenging puzzle game which uses the same elements and characters as the original series. This is a game made for using minimal controls which become very addictive at times. The setting and environment are beautiful and you progress by completing levels whose difficulty increase as you move forward. If you like this game you will also probably like Hitman GO and Deus EX GO which is also available on the App Store for your Apple TV.


It’s a Nintendo’s game which delivers an action role-playing experience inspired by their classic series but with a slightly different flavor to it.

Guitar Hero Live

This very popular game is now available on your Apple TV. Feel what it’s like to be a rock star. You will only need your Siri Remote to play this game.

SongPop Party

This is a music quiz in which you can compete with your friends and family. You basically guess songs and earn points so it’s a really cool party game.

SketchParty TV 

Imagine Pictionary on your screen and you get SketchParty. It’s another great party game to keep people entertained.

Real Racing 3

One of the best racing games for your iPhone/iPad is also available on Apple TV. To steer and control your car, you will only need your Siri remote.


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