iOS 11iPhone XTips & Tricks

A few tips to get you started with iPhone X and iOS 11

Turn off iPhone X

To completely turn off power, press and hold the side button and either volume button at the same time. Then slide to power off.

Face ID

A quick glance at your iPhone X is all it needs to securely unlock your phone, use Apple Pay, and more. Set up facial recognition in Settings > Face ID & Passcode.


Create custom animated messages that reflect your facial expressions. In a message, tap App Store icon, tap Animoji icon, then scroll to choose an Animoji. Touch and hold the Record button to send a recording, or tap the Animoji to send a photo.

Tap to wake

Wake your iPhone X any time with just a tap on the screen.

On your way with Apple Pay

Double-click the side button to display your default credit card, glance at iPhone X to authenticate with Face ID, then hold iPhone X near the card reader. You can set up Apple Pay in Wallet.


To view all your open apps, swipe up and pause. To quickly switch apps, swipe right along the bottom.

Go straight home

Swipe up from the bottom to return to the Home screen at any time.

Ask Siri

Hold down the side button and make your request. Siri listens until you release the button. Or say “Hey Siri” anytime, hands-free.

Take a screenshot

You used to be able to take a screenshot using the home button. Without it, you’ll need to tap the right button in addition to the top volume button. Do it quickly and you’ll see a screenshot appear on the bottom left of the display before it saves to your camera roll.

Call 911 without dialing

Just hold the top-right button and the top volume button at the same time. Keep holding and it’ll automatically call 911 for you.

Switch between apps

Don a long-swipe up to get to your open apps, or you can switch between them a bit more easily. When an app is open, just swipe the white line at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to quickly jump back and forth between running apps.

Open control center

To access Control Center, which is home to the flashlight, screen brightness controls and more, you’ll need to swipe down from the right corner of the display. The home center is also the only place you’ll see the percentage remaining in your battery.

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