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How-to Use a Bluetooth keyboard on the Apple TV

Discussion in 'Apple TV' started by Alex Dmitri, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Alex Dmitri

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    Feb 6, 2017
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    After the new update of the fourth generation of Apple TV, you may be curious to know how to use the Bluetooth keyboard with device. In this guide, we will show you how to configure, set up and use this keyboard.


    • If the LED flashes, it is in pairing mode
    • If the light is continuous, it is then paired with another device.

    1. Disappear
    2. Then, start again

    If the LED is off, press the power button to turn it on.

    If you have Apple Magic Keyboard:
    1. Charge it with the Apple Lightning Cable
    2. Light it up
    3. When the light turns green, it means that it can be paired

    If you are using a Bluetooth keyboard other than Apple, follow these instructions to ensure that your device is ready for pairing.

    How to pair the keyboard and TV?

    For an Apple TV fourth generation user,
    1. Click Settings app
    2. Then choose Remote Controls and Devices
    3. Then select Bluetooth

    For previous versions
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Go to General
    3. And select Bluetooth

    Your Apple TV will search for devices available for pairing.
    • Select "keyboard"
    • Click on "keyboard", and if it asks you for a code, enter the four digits on your screen with your keyboard
    • Finally, press Return

    Apply Apple Tv and Bluetooth Keyboard. What follows will relate to the tasks you will perform using this keyboard.

    Use your keyboard for the following features:
    • Search
    • username
    • E-mail
    • Password
    • With the Back arrow and Esc button, navigate through the Apple TV menus
    • Keyboards with the Play, Pause, Back or Fast Forward buttons allow you to control music and video.