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Tim Cook discusses globalization and privacy at an appointment in China

Discussion in 'Latest News and Rumors' started by Alex Dmitri, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Alex Dmitri

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    Feb 6, 2017
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    Tim Cook is visiting China this weekend to participate in the China Development Forum, an annual event sponsored by the Chinese government. Several US corporate executives (and others) are participating in the project to get a better picture from China.


    In the case of Tim Cook, the boss of Apple is pro globalization. According to him, this is an important point to take into account for the good of everyone. But not all countries are always winners. Some of them are against globalization and this is a problem according to Tim Cook.

    "The reality is that you can see countries in the world that isolate themselves, it is not good for their peoples"

    Should we see an allusion to Donald Trump who wants to produce as much as possible in the United States in order to create jobs?

    Apple is in a difficult situation where Donald Trump wants to see the iPhone products in the United States. Apple has traditionally been using Asian subcontractors (mainly in China) to manufacture the iPhone. But switching production to the US would have an impact on the price of the iPhone for the consumer and other costs.

    In his one-hour speech, Tim Cook also talked about the privacy of users. He said Apple was using end-to-end encryption to secure their data, a speech already given repeatedly in the past.

    "We believe that a person must have his or her data and must be able to control it".