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The KRFT music creation tool joins the iPad and evolves on iPhone

Discussion in 'Games and Apps' started by Alex Dmitri, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. Alex Dmitri

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    Feb 6, 2017
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    At the beginning of the month, Studio Amplify released the app KRFT on iPhone, a software which makes the creation of electronic music quite original. Recently, the developers have proposed a new version of the improved app on iPhone and now natively compatible with the iPad. This update should therefore be appreciated by musicians equipped with tablets designed by apple, which remains a very practical tool especially for new ways to compose and play their music.


    And KRFT fits perfectly in this tendency to musical creation by loops.


    This is actually an app where the controls are very visual. Tables of boxes, triangles and circles are displayed on the screen. Each shape corresponds to one type of instrument: squares for loops, circles for so-called "one shot" instruments, or those to be finger-thrown without measurement dependency, rounds for effects management potentiometers, Etc.

    The user can then play its creation in a very visual way, a bit like the Playground app . That means, you will have to click on the shapes to start loops, create effects, rhythms, start samples or play chords, etc.


    The app is very complete, on the one hand, it can start from scratch and create its own table of shapes with predefined sounds, rather numerous, on the other hand, customization goes until the mixing of the different sounds between them and to the effects management and their parametrization.

    Its arrival on iPad is therefore welcomed, since a large screen will be made much more convenient to play on KRFT, in a live show for example.


    In addition to tablet support, the new version also provides additional capabilities for customizing synth sounds, recording 256 kb / s AAC sound, and various graphics and performance enhancements.

    A beautiful music app is limited in possibilities, but rather innovative and now universal.

    Download KRFT here.