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The iPhone 8 would not have a USB-C port and would support fast charging

Discussion in 'Latest News and Rumors' started by Alex Dmitri, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Alex Dmitri

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    Feb 6, 2017
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    Recently the Wall Street Journal said in a report that the iPhone 8 would adopt a USB-C connector to the detriment of the lightning port, it was the first rumor of this type, more over it was not seen as a logical choice from Apple.

    Ming-Chi Kuo analyst KGI Securities has just refuted the report of the Wall Street Journal concerning the replacement of the lightning port with the USB-C, and it brings some interesting details like the support of the fast recharge on the three IPhone that would be unveiled in 2017.


    According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple would make internal changes in the iPhone to add a quick charging feature via the Lightning port , a feature that is offered only on smartphones equipped with USB-C port.

    To get there, Apple would use new components, including a new L-shaped battery that had been discussed in this article and could recharge faster.

    The analyst at KGI Securities also mentions two reasons why Apple wants to keep lightning port for a while, namely the royalties for the MFi license in an already well-established iOS accessory ecosystem.


    Indeed, a USB-C port occupies more space than a port Lightning, or Apple is always looking for space in its devices to add new features. This is one of the reasons responsible for the controversial removal of the headphone port in the iPhone 7.

    To summarize , according to the latest rumors , Apple would unveil three new iPhone in the fall of 2017, including the much anticipated birthday model or iPhone 8, which would incorporate quite a few new features.

    These include a new all-glass design, rounded OLED display at the edges, a reinforced steel frame, a Home / Touch ID button underneath the screen, a new 3D sensor with augmented reality functions, Wire, and now the possible support of fast charging.