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Rumors iPhone 8: more rounded screen, 3GB of RAM and other details

Discussion in 'Latest News and Rumors' started by Alex Dmitri, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Alex Dmitri

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    Feb 6, 2017
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    A new report has just been released about the iPhone 8. It comes from TrendForce and presents the storage capabilities of the iPhone 8 that should be offered by Apple. It also provides details on the OLED screen that will equip the new Apple smartphone, including its size and the absence of curves.


    Indeed, contrary to previous rumors, that saw an iPhone 8 arriving with a screen curved on the edges to maximize the space of the case, TrendForce asserts the opposite. Despite Apple's efforts in this area, the timing would be slim to offer this year an OLED screen with rounded edges on the new iPhone.

    Prototypes of iPhone 8 with rounded edges would have, according to the source, encountered some concerns of reliability and robustness during the test phases. Thus, the iPhone 8 should well integrate an edge-to-edge screen, but totally flat.

    As for the size, TrendForce sees a 5.8-inch diagonal slab for a case-like size similar to that of the iPhone 7 and its 4.7-inch screen.
    Also included in the program, according to the company's market analysis report,3GB of internal RAM , the integration of face recognition and augmented reality technology, as well as the removal of the "home" physical button.

    On the price side, the iPhone 8 should be offered around $ 1,000 and released in two models, 64 and 265 GB . It is not possible to know which of the two capacities will correspond to this price, it would not be surprising that this is the case for the 64 GB version.

    Finally, at the same time, and as already heard recently , two iPhone 7s would complete the range, at lower prices of course, with processors updated compared to the iPhone 7 and a maximum capacity also reaching 256 GB.