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If you see an exclamation point next to your items in iTunes

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by Sirbigman, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Sirbigman


    Mar 3, 2017
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    Learn what to do if iTunes can't find your music, movies, TV shows, apps or tones.

    Your media files are typically stored in the iTunes media folder on your computer. iTunes puts an exclamation point next to content in iTunes when it can't find a file.

    iTunes might not be able to find a file or folder if:

    • The media files were moved from the iTunes media folder to a different location on your computer or to an external drive.
    • The media files were accidentally deleted from your computer.
    • The network or external drives storing the content are unavailable.
    Correct the media file path

    Use these steps to help iTunes find the media file's correct location:

    1. In iTunes on your Mac or PC, select the song, album, movie, or TV show that has the exclamation point next to it.
    2. From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen or at the top of the iTunes window, choose Edit > Get Info.
      If you’re using Windows and can’t see the menu bar, learn how to turn it on.
    3. When you see a message asking if you want to locate the file, click Locate.
      • If you know the file's location, point iTunes to it and try to play your content.
      • If you don’t know the file's location, search for it:
        Mac: Press the Command ⌘ and Space keys on your keyboard, then type the movie title, app, song, album, or artist name.
        Windows: Press the Windows key on your keyboard, then type the movie title, app, song, album, or artist name. If your keyboard doesn't have a Windows key, press the Control (Ctrl) and Escape (Esc) keys on your keyboard.
      • If the file is on an external or network drive, connect to the external drive or network volume.
      • If you find your items in the Trash or Recycle Bin, restore them to their previous location:
        Mac: Control-click or right-click the item and choose Put Back.
        Windows: Right-click the item and choose Restore.
    4. After you recover the file, use Get Info again to locate the file, then point iTunes to the correct location.