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How to get 1 YEAR certificate in 1 minute, BEST WAY

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by Alex Dmitri, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. Alex Dmitri

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    Feb 6, 2017
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    First of all, this method doesn't require you to update your iDevice to delete the jailbreak and it doesn't require your apple ID

    So here is the steps

    NOTE1: If you didnt jailbreak your iDevice, just skip the first step.

    NOTE2: If you have Mac, you can install iFunBox in step 4 and you're good to go.

    • Delete your signed jailbreak app ( which you signed with 7 days cert.).
    • Reboot your device
    • Activate Airplane mode and keep the WiFi off.
    • Download a fresh copy of inv_ent_final_0801.ipa
    • Open any iDevice manegment like iTools or iFunBox ( IPAInstaller-Windows, IPAInstaller-MAC )
    • Go to application management and install the application (inv_ent_final_0801.ipa) into your device
    • go to your iDevice and disable airplane mode, go to settings -> general -> device management and accept the cert
    • Open the jailbreak app ( I myself dont link 25pp application because it hooks into your springboard for no reason so when you jailbreak the first time, uncheck the box like in the picture ).
    and thats it. hope it would help.


    Q: I didn't jailbreak my iDevice, how can I follow these steps ?

    A: You just skip the first step and proceed with the method.

    Q: Will I loose my tweaks doing this method ?

    A: No you won't loose any tweaks.

    Q: Whats the different between this version and Pangu English version

    A: They both jailbreak your phone, this one is in chines and has 1 year certificate but Pangu is in English but you can only run it using Cydia Impactor which gives you 7 days certificate only.

    Q: Can we do this method with Pangu English version of the jailbreak ?

    A: No we can't, because pangu's ipa doesn't have any certificate signed with it. So we have to use Cydia Impactor to install it.

    Q: When the certificate expires?

    A: It will expires in 27th of April, 2017.

    Q: Why its called 1 year cert. and expires in 9 monthes ?!

    A: The certificate was created on 27th of Aprit, 2016 and was used to sign this jailbreak app. So technically it will expire one year after it was created (common sense).

    Q: What if 1 year certificate expires ?

    A: You can change the time back before the time it expires and then you can re-jailbreak your device.

    Q: I did the steps and my device isn't jailbroken. Why?

    A: This method helps you install the jailbreak app which will help you jailbreak later. You can see this video to know how to jailbreak your device using the jailbreak app.

    Q: There is no checkbox on the last step, what should I do ?

    A: You should be fine because this checkbox appears when you jailbreak your device on the first time.

    Q: I already jailbroke my device and didn't uncheck the checkbox when I jailbreak the device. What should I do?

    A: The pp store should be installed on your device, you can delete it from Cydia under Installed packages.

    Q: How can I confirm this working on my device ?

    A: Go to settings -> General -> Device Management . Then you should see the certificate listed as "ENTERPRISE APP" named "Beijing Hong Yuan ....".

    Q: Why we use 0727 version of the jailbreak and not 0729 ?

    A: 0727 works perfectly fine but 0729 doesn't seems to work even after trusting the certificate on most devices.

    Q: Can this be done on iPad Pro ?

    A: Yes you can. Also version 0729 has been confirmed working fine on it.

    Q: PP helper for windows doesn't ask for my apple ID to install the jailbreak. Whats the different between PP helper and this method ?

    A: Some people reported PP helper didn't ask them for their apple ID to install the jailbreak, but I can confirm that it did ask me my apple ID when I tried it. So we came up with this method which is much safer to do.