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Guardians of the Galaxy The Telltale Series: the first images of the adventure game

Discussion in 'Latest News and Rumors' started by Alex Dmitri, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. Alex Dmitri

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    Feb 6, 2017
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    Guardians of the Galaxy The Telltale Series will be released on virtually all platforms on April 25th ( including iOS). While waiting to see if Telltale has succeeded in adapting to the very special universe of these Marvel superheroes, the studio publishes some images of the game which allow to be moderately optimistic, at least concerning the technical part (even if it does not Says nothing about lack of fluidity and optimization, a recurrent problem in Telltale games despite a completely redesigned graphics engine). We recognise Groot and the rest of the troop of super-heroic broken arms (Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax and Rocket)

    1GuardiansoftheGalaxy-TheTelltaleSeries_Multi_Editeur_001-600x338.jpg 2GuardiansoftheGalaxy-TheTelltaleSeries_Multi_Editeur_004-600x337.jpg 3GuardiansoftheGalaxy-TheTelltaleSeries_Multi_Editeur_002-600x337.jpg 4GuardiansoftheGalaxy-TheTelltaleSeries_Multi_Editeur_003-600x337.jpg

    Note that Telltale will tell more about the game during the PAX East 2017 that has just opened its doors