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Enterprise Productivity Suite for Cloud

Discussion in 'iPad' started by sahmed, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. sahmed


    Mar 6, 2017
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    + Secure your data stored on Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft OneDrive
    + Able to create and edit Rich Text Documents in HTML format
    + Easily create and edit Spreadsheets
    + Create PDF files from scanned documents.
    + Simply create Hand-Written notes
    + Create Drawings and Sketches
    + Record Voice Memos
    + Wirelessly transfer files to your PC and Mac
    + USB file transfer functionality for PC and Mac
    + Offline document editing
    + Send you documents as an email attachment
    + Word and Excel file viewer build in.
    + View your PowerPoint, PDF, iWork, Text, .RTF, and more directly in the app.
    + 3rd Party "Open In" support
    + Download or create documents from anywhere.
    + FAX Documents directly from your iPhone or iPad



    + Edit, View and Create Rich Text Document with ease
    + Use a wealth of fonts, font sizes and styles
    + Support for standard formatting like bold, italic, underline and strike through are build into the editor.
    + Change text and background color
    + Text alignment options
    + Insert pictures from your Photo Library
    + Snap pictures with the camera and insert them directly into the document
    + Includes bullet style formatting and styling
    + Automatically add bullets and numbers
    + Undo is build in
    + Super simple copy and paste


    PDF :

    + Directly draw sketches into your PDF documents.
    + Add hand-written notes, comments and highlights to your PDF documents.
    + Fill out PDF Forms directly from your device and send them through email.
    + Sign and Send Documents
    + Convert documents from Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, Text and iWork documents into PDF documents.


    + Simply create and edit Spreadsheets that are compatible with Microsoft Excel
    + Style your documents with colors, fonts and sizing
    + Copy, cut and paste multiple cells



    + Build into the app is a High quality document scanner
    + Scanned documents can be converted to PDF
    + Scanned images can be converted to PNG, JPG or PDF
    + Crop documents and images cropping
    + Size adjustment for documents and images.
    + Share documents through email attachment, Whats App, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Sky Drive


    + Record voice memos
    + Play recorded memos
    + Share voice memos
    + Transfer voice memos to PC and Mac


    + Create and manage folders
    + Delete files
    + Rename Files
    + Manage files through drag and drop


    FAX :

    + Fax documents directly from your iPhone or iPad
    Note: For this feature, the app is integrated with Interfax.net who charge a few cents per page for sending fax.


    + Open PDF documents from your email or download from your PC/Mac
    + Sign documents using your finger
    + Send signed documents through either Fax or Email right from your iPhone or iPad. Saves time and money.

    Download iTunes Link : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/enterprise-productivity-suite/id979972214?mt=8
  2. choknanee


    Mar 27, 2017
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