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Review Color Switch iOS

Discussion in 'Games and Apps' started by Alex Dmitri, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Alex Dmitri

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    Feb 6, 2017
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    Color Switch iPhone review, a small racing game based on colors. You must press the screen to blow up a small colored ball and avoid the various obstacles present on your way.

    When your ball is one color, you can get through the obstacles of the same color. Your ball changes color as the adventure unfolds, so be quick and be timed to go as far as possible to improve your record!

    Color-Switch-1.png Color-Switch-2.png Color-Switch-3.png Color-Switch-4.png Color-Switch-5.png Color-Switch-6.png Color-Switch-7.png Color-Switch-8.png

    Graphics 15/20

    Color Switch is a very colourful game: the wallpaper is black and the obstacles are made up of several colors. Your ball is also colored and you can only pass through an obstacle of the same color.

    Playability 16/20

    To play, you must tap the screen to push your ball to the top of the screen. The game offers you an endless mode in which your objective is to go as far as possible, recovering as many stars as possible.

    Lifetime 17/20

    In terms of lifespan, 2 other modes of play are also available: the Challenge mode where you have to overcome 180 more and more difficult courses and the Race mode in which you have to race against 30 competitors.

    Soundtrack 16/20

    As for the soundtrack, Color Switch manages to pull its way out of the game compared to other racing games. Indeed, a nice and dynamic music is present, as well as sound effects when you click on the screen.

    Price 17/20

    It's currently free to download the game on the App Store. Once in the game, advertisements are present and we found that many App Store reviews complain about this issue. Color Switch is not very consistent with in-app purchases.

    Overall Score 16/20

    Color Switch is a game we liked: simple and minimalist, this game offers you several game modes, which is rare for a racing game. In any case, show timing to get through the colorful obstacles!

    Here is the trailer:

    Download Color Switch here.