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How-to Change the resolution on your Apple TV

Discussion in 'Apple TV' started by Alex Dmitri, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Alex Dmitri

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    Feb 6, 2017
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    Digital receivers in general, and Apple TV in particular, are slowly displacing ordinary televisions.The problem with Apple TV is that if your TV is set to an inappropriate resolution, then all your Apple TV settings will prove incompatible.

    Therefore, you may encounter image distortion or out-of-display malfunction on your TV. To change the TV resolution from your Apple TV, start by taking your Apple remote.


    Step 1
    Simultaneously press the "Menu" button and the Plus (+) button on your Apple Remote.

    Step 2
    Press and hold both buttons until the display resolution options appear.

    Step 3
    When the options are open, use the Plus (+) or Minus (-) buttons on your remote to navigate between the different resolution options.

    Step 4
    Press the Play / Pause button on your remote control to activate the appropriate new resolution.