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Apple has the best technical support for the 3rd consecutive year

Discussion in 'Latest News and Rumors' started by Alex Dmitri, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. Alex Dmitri

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    Feb 6, 2017
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    Which company offers the best technical support? For the third consecutive year, Apple ranks first in Laptop Mag 's ranking . According to the magazine, the purpose of this ranking is to help users to get an idea of the companies that perform best when a problem is encountered with a product.


    In the case of Apple, the US manufacturer gets the score of 93 out of 100. In detail, the score for on-line help was 56 out of 60 and the rating by phone was 37 out of 40. On the Internet , The help was found by the Twitter account @AppleSupport and the new application " Apple Support " for iPhone and iPad. For the telephone, three calls were made to the after-sales service. Apple employees took six minutes to find the answers, against seven minutes last year.

    Some tips are given to Apple to improve. Laptop Mag invites the manufacturer to better train its employees so that they really know all the details about products and services like iCloud. Regarding help from Twitter, the magazine thinks Apple employees should respond directly rather than redirect the user to pages on Apple.com.

    The top 10 rankings include:

    1. Apple (93 out of 100)
    2. Acer (88 out of 100)
    3. Lenovo (86 out of 100)
    4. Microsoft (82 of 100)
    5. HP (80 out of 100)
    6. Dell (76 out of 100)
    7. Razer (74 out of 100)
    8. Asus (72 out of 100)
    9. Samsung (67 out of 100)
    10. MSI (63 out of 100)