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There’s One iPhone X Feature an Apple Co-Founder Absolutely Hates

Steve Wozniak Certainly Isn't a Fan of iPhone X's Power Button Feature

Steve Wozniak – Apple’s co-founder – has a rich, in-depth history with the company, and has been at the helm of many important decisions. Speaking at the Nordic Business Forum in Stockholm this week, he said that he “floats in a state of happiness.” But, apparently, one integral feature of the iPhone X pops that serene bubble.

It’s come to public knowledge that Steve Wozniak – sometimes known simply as “Woz” – doesn’t like the iPhone X’s power button. His dislike of the power button mainly comes from the fact that it has too many features, and that has ultimately made it confusing.

Wozniak is reported to have said “I like things to be simple and understandable and direct. Of course with smartphones things got more and more complicated.” What Wozniak has said here is basically true; the power button certainly is versatile, but not in a good way: it’s more cumbersome than anything.

But, out of all iPhone X users, it seems Wozniak himself is the most frustrated with the latest flagship product. He went on to rant a little more by saying: “And if you push it with the volume button it does another thing. And if you push and hold the volume button it does another thing. Just, ugh!”

Unfortunately, we agree with the eloquently-put statement of “Just, ugh!” This is just one of the many reasons why iPhone X users feel iffy about using the phone and cause them wonder whether sticking to iPhone 8 – or perhaps an even earlier model – will be more beneficial and less stress-inducing in the long run.

Seeing as this is the co-founder of Apple saying this, perhaps Apple will change the power button feature in the future, perhaps simplifying it all together.

What do you think of the iPhone X’s power button?


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