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Telefonica and other big companies become victims of a great cyber attack

During the day, we could have experienced one of the worst cyber attacks in recent years. Thousands of computers around the world have been affected by the renewed version of malware that can be distributed across the network at a speed never before seen. Among those affected by today’s attack are companies the size of Spain’s Telefonica, and institutions such as the National Health Service of the United Kingdom.

This malware is of type “ransomware”, that is to say, it is a program that encrypts the files on the computer to request then a rescue by them. In this case, the new WannaCry, which is known as this particular malware, asks for an amount of $ 300 in bitcoins for each affected computer. In addition, you must pay in less than a week, otherwise, you will lose access to the files permanently.

The problem is even bigger than originally believed



To give you an idea of the magnitude of the attack, in the map above, which was published a few hours ago on Twitter, you can see all the countries that have been affected by it. And we have to remember that the program is distributed at an astonishing rate, so it is possible that the number of people affected has grown considerably at the time of publication of this article.

It has already been confirmed that WannaCry takes advantage of one of the vulnerabilities that were part of the recent scandal of the NSA, and that was resulted by Microsoft does relatively little. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you keep your computers updated. Only with this gesture can you be protected from incidents as serious as this.



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