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Spotify, Deezer and other companies sue Apple and Google for abusing their dominant position

We are all clear that in the world we are in, and thanks to the system in which we live, there are certain entities that can do everything. Some companies have acquired so much power and influence over the years that it is very difficult to compete with them from a lower position. To try to prevent smaller companies from being forced to disappear, or to integrate into one of the large ones, there are institutions that are in charge of controlling the practices of each and every one of the companies that exist.


 Theoretically, this would mean that we are currently in a society where everyone has the same opportunities to reach the top. However, the theory is far from reality. And the reality is, that large corporations continue to take advantage of their influences to prevent smaller ones from taking their place. Luckily, sanctions remain a good method of persuasion to at least keep their control at bay, at least temporarily. And it seems that thanks to Spotify, Deezer, Rocket Internet and other companies, could take another very soon.

Spotify takes Apple and Google to European courts

These companies that I mentioned before, have allied to file a claim before the European Union competition court. They argue that the large application distribution platforms would be taking advantage of their scope to promote their own services above the competition in a completely unequal way. An example of this would be Apple Music in the App Store, whose advertising always appears first when looking for related apps such as Spotify or Deezer, something against which these services can not compete.

It will be necessary to see if in time this demand reaches somewhere, or disappears into oblivion, but for the moment, it seems that there will be a war for a while. Although again, let’s not fool ourselves, for many sanctions that can receive both Apple and Google, that will not make them stop having and use the power they already have. It will take much more time for that to happen.



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