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Splashy Dots – Painting, Puzzle and Jazz – Review

By Crimson Pine Games

Splashy Dots isn’t just a game, it’s the savior of the universe. OK, so universe might be a bit of a stretch, but certainly, the savior of those tedious commutes and times stood to wait around for your friends to turn up.

Imagine that you are in a cozy art gallery with a brush in your hand and a canvas in front of you. You have an opportunity to create art and express yourself. But Splashy Dots doesn’t do just that; that’s because the paint-heavy puzzler is a head-scratching, boredom busting joy that’s as engaging to play as it is easy to the eye.

Splashy Dots
Splashy Dots

The premise behind Splashy Dots is a simple one; drag your finger to join up the dots of paint, creating an artistic path from the start point to that hollow end dot. In practice, however, things are a little trickier, taxing your brain into thinking logically, and at times illogically, to solve the increasingly fiendish puzzles.

All dots must be covered in your smear heavy trail, and there’s no doubling back. This creates the sort of confusion that will frustrate you to your core while keeping a smile plastered across your face.

Splashy Dots
Splashy Dots

Not only do you get a sense of achievement at puzzling out the harder levels, but once you’ve found the right route, your paint-splattered mess – sorry, artistic creation – is available as a framed image to add to your in-game gallery.

Make the most out of your iPhone or iPad and unleash your creative side with Splashy Dots iOS game.

(GET) Splashy Dots on the App Store.

Splashy Dots Scores

Gameplay - 8.3
Replay-ability - 7.3
Controls - 8.7
Graphics - 8.1
Sound - 9
Price - 8


User Rating: 4.91 ( 4 votes)


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