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Sonos Competes with Apple’s HomePod with Their Two Speakers for $349 Deal

You may have heard of Sonos and their reign on the audio market, but recently Apple has been trying to make their move into the market as well. Before Apple even had a chance to get their HomePods on the shelves, Sonos has made their move.

For a limited time, they’re releasing two smart speakers, for exactly the price of one Apple HomePod. A bold but very smart move by Somo, and we’ll see exactly how much this impacts the sales of Apple’s HomePod.

The HomePod brags about a huge variety of features. Incredibly clear sound, small but unique design, all with the ability to be controlled by your voice. Apple recently scoffed at Sonos, saying their products didn’t have voice control or any type of echo assistants. Not long after this announcement, Sonos released the Sonos One, a version that has Alexa build in, and will soon have Google Assistant as well.

Sonos may not be a brand as big as Apple, but with all these features and the incredible quality they’ve put into this product, it’s a very strong stand they’ve placed on the market. This surely indicates that they aren’t going to let Apple ease their way into the market without a fight. If that’s not enough of a fight, they’re even being fairly aggressive with their advertising.



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