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Shapr3D – Best 3D Modelling App for iPad Pro

The iPad Pro was designed for professionals but Apple doesn’t seem to be pushing it into any particular market though – it can be a media hub, a decent word processor, a creative design tool, and then anything the app world can dream up besides. It’s possible to use it as an enterprise device too, but there’s a lot here that inches it enticingly towards the consumer world. But combined with Shapr3D App can create amazing 3D models with ease.



When iPad Pro is combined with the Shapr3D App can blow your mind and it can definitely take the 3D drawing to a whole new level.  Shapr3D is the world’s first professional 3D CAD to run on an iPad Pro. It’s easy to learn and easy to use. But still professional. Draw shapes, then transform them. Use free-form surfacing, sketch on faces, and chamfer edges in seconds. It’s a great App that any professional architect, 3D printer, engineer, industrial designers or simply artist should have. Anyone can draw 3D models on Shapr3D because it’s so easy to use. Watch this video and have your mind blown away:



Some of the tools in Shapr3D are:



We have three boolean operations: Union, Subtract and Intersect. Union unites two or more objects – if they overlap. Intersect does the exact opposite: if applied to two overlapping objects, only their overlap would remain. Subtract takes away one object and its overlap from two overlapping objects.


The Offset tool copies a closed wire. The copies have the same center as the closed wire, and their copying scale can be set with the Apple Pencil.


Sweep is very similar to Loft. In addition to Loft, you also get to specify the path along which the software will connect the cross-sections for you. The path can be a line, or even connecting lines.


If you’d like to create an object only by specifying its cross-sections, Loft is your tool. Draw your cross-sections – and let Shapr3D connect them for you.


The Revolve tool revolves the object selected along a specific axis, by a specific amount of degrees.


The Freeform Surface tool molds existing surfaces along contours and control points that you draw. Shapr3D is the only CAD that helps you achieve unconventional designs with Freeform Surfaces, on a tablet.


The shell command creates a hollowed object from a solid one. If you’re looking for a certain wall thickness, you’re able to specify it.


Extruding can make your sketches go from 2D to 3D by extending them along the Z axis, by a specified height. It can also be used to change existing objects by extruding their faces along an axis.


You can easily chamfer and fillet edges in Shapr3D. All you have to do is push and pull on the edges you want to modify.


Shapr3D does not only enable the users to render 3D models but also use them in practical projects like 3D printing. Models created in Shapr3D can be exported in the most widely used formats for data exchange including STEP, IGES and STL. Files from these formats can be imported into most 3D CAD tools including SolidWorks, Rhino3D, Fusion 360, and Catia.

Shapr3D is available in Hobbyist (free) and Pro ($99/year) versions, from the Apple App Store. More pricing info on the Shapr3D Official Website. Click the button below to download Shapr3D from the App Store now.

Download Shapr3D from the App Store



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