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How to send voice messages on your Apple Watch

A few days ago we reported on how Apple had become the most wearable company sold globally, ahead of Fitbit or Xiaomi. Apple’s smartwatch is one of the most popular in the world, so this time we will focus on a very useful watchOS tutorial.

The Apple Watch allows you to send messages to others using voice dictation, but sometimes it’s much easier and faster to send an audio message to communicate with your contacts via iOS, the native messaging app for watchOS.

In this tutorial for Apple Watch, we will explain, step by step, how to send voice messages in the smartwatch of apple company bite.

How do I send an audio message to Apple Watch?

Before the release of watchOS 3, the behaviour of the operating system asked the users if they wanted to send transcribed text or recorded audio. Apple changed this functionality with the arrival of watchOS 3, making the interaction faster and smoother.

1. Open the Watch application on your iPhone.

2. Go to the Messages section.

3. Access the category of Dictated Messages.

4. From here you can change the default option to transcribe your messages or send audio.

This is how Apple describes this option in watchOS 3:

“By default, when you’ve finished dictating a message, Apple Watch sends a transcript of what you said. You can change this setting to send an audio clip instead, or choose which option you want each time you dictate a new message. “

If you have never sent dictation messages from voice to text you can use this section to send voice messages and save yourself the step of having to select the audio option each time.



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