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Protect your kids online using an iPhone parental control app

Indeed the time has changed for parents. Keeping kids focused on healthy activities which do not involve screens has become even more difficult for parents after the invention of smart gadgets, iPhone or other mobile devices.

How to Keep Kids Safe Online? 

A decade ago, parents only had to worry about the dangers outside the house but, in this digital era, parents need to take care of the dangers even if their child is in their room. From strangers online to cyber bullies and sex offenders, teenagers are vulnerable to many digital dangers.

What steps can a parent take to prevent any mishap from happening to their kids? Confiscating their iPhone is definitely not the ideal solution which you can take because smart devices have become a necessity these days. However, one step which parents can adopt is digital monitoring. With the help of an iPhone parental monitoring app, parents can keep an eye on their teen’s each and every online activity.


The Guide to Using an iPhone Parental Monitoring App

Before starting digital monitoring, explain to your teen that tracking is a preventative measure, make a clear distinction between spying and monitoring. Generally, when a teen hears that their parents are checking on their cell phone and online activities, they are not going to like it. Remind your teen that nothing online is private. An iPhone parental monitoring app by can help your teen in issues like cyberbullying, sexting etc. Always choose an app that works with the consent of children and does not encourage spying. One such app is FamilyTime that comes with a wide range of valuable features.

FamilyTime Features

Once you download the FamilyTime app on your teen’s iPhone, you can monitor their text messages, call logs, contact list, installed apps and web browsing history. The app even enables parents to block questionable apps from their teen’s iPhone. You can track their location as well.

Some of the valuable specifications of the app are explained below briefly:

•    Affordable: FamilyTime app provides maximum features in minimal cost and offers a flexible mode of payment. According to your budget, you can choose a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription of the app. In addition to that, this monitoring app offers a free trial for the concerned parents to help them understand how the app works.

•    Convenient-to-Use:  This app provides separate dashboards for parents and children, it is quite an easy app to use. Parents can manage their children’s devices from the parental dashboard.

•    Compatibility: This monitoring app can manage multiple devices at the same time. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. You can have a quick look at the app by clicking below!

FamilyTime App

So, what are you waiting for now? Give this app a try for free and enjoy all premium features of the FamilyTime app for complete 3 days.