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How to print to PDF on your iPhone/iPad

Print to PDF is a cool way of saving the documents you are viewing into PDF format. You are not actually printing the document even though it sounds like it but you are just saving your files. PDF is a great file type for keeping your documents secure since they cannot be edited.  This concept is sometimes called Saving to PDF and it’s very widely used.

Some of the apps on your device may already have the feature so save your file to PDF so you do not need this Print to PDF feature. You will see that by trying to save the file in .pdf format.

On the other hand, most of the apps do not support saving as .pdf. That is when you need Print to PDF feature in your app. Good thing is that almost every app supports Printing options so you can then Print it to PDF also.

How to print to PDF on iPhone

To do this, your app needs to support AirPrint. The option for Printing may vary in different apps, but it’s most commonly under Share options.

So, if your app support AirPrint open the Print user interface and customize and resize the document to your liking. Pinch out with your fingers to get the full-screen preview. Now, you will need to press the Share button which is placed in the toolbar. If the toolbar isn’t showing, press on the screen once and it will appear. To save your document as PDF now, press on the Add to iCloud Drive button. This will save a copy of the document as a PDF in your iCloud document storage, from which you can then import to other apps.

How to print to PDF on iPad

The only real difference between doing this on iPhone and iPad is the location of the Share button. When you are in the Print UI, pinch out to get to the full-screen mode. From there, press on the screen once and you will see the share button in the top right part of the screen. It’s the same method now, save your document as PDF – press on the Add to iCloud Drive button and your document will be saved.

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