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PPKP – Punch Punch Kick Punch – Review

By Shimada Toshihiro

It stands for punch-punch-kick-punch, in case you’re wondering. PPKP‘s slightly obscure name actually tells you a lot about this game’s opening moments – you’re expected to figure it all out yourself.

The fighting mechanics are deeper than the two giant onscreen buttons suggest, for starters. Timing your punches and kicks to counterattack is the first thing you’ll notice you can do; enemies’ eyes sparkle before they attack, so hitting the same colored button can reduce the damage you take.

The more you play, the more PPKP reveals itself – combo systems, special abilities, new locations, a helicopter(!). The game’s design forces you to fail sometimes, but with every failure comes more opportunity to upgrade your character and rebuild your destroyed hometown on the game’s hub screen.


Yes, PPKP is about punching and kicking, but it’s also so much more. There’s that delicious retro art style, too. It looks like a side-scrolling brawler from the nineties, but with the modern design flourishes and metagame to keep you coming back to slay fools again.

PPKP’s combo of simple one thumb play, satisfying sense of progression and charming visuals has now taken pride of place on your home screen. It’s an unassuming but constantly surprising game, in short. So while you might start PPKP thinking ‘What am I supposed to be doing..?’, it won’t be long until you’re asking yourself, ‘ What else can I do?’.

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PPKP Game Scores

Gameplay - 7.7
Replay-ability - 7.2
Controls - 8.5
Graphics - 9.3
Sound - 7.6
Price - 7.2


User Rating: 5 ( 4 votes)


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