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New York Nights: Success in the City Review

New York Nights: Success in the City (hereby abbreviated as New York Nights) is a port from the popular mobile version. Developed by the big name dev Gameloft, creator of games such as Real Tennis 2009, Assassin’s Creed, Brothers In Arms, and recently Rise Of Lost Empires among countless others. New York Nights, similar to Sims 3, is a social simulation game. Differing from Sims 3 however, it has an actual storyline that is optional to follow.

New York Nights: Success in the City Gameplay

Starting a new game, you are shown a screen to create a character. You can change gender, name, clothes, skin color, hair style, hair color, or choose from custom templates.

After creating your character, you are dropped off at the airport and a test is administered to determine your starting stats. But don’t worry, stats are easy to gain so it doesn’t really matter what you start with.


As you can see, there is a storyline to New York Nights, you do not have to follow it, but it’s something you can do.

The social interaction in this game is, in my opinion, much better than in Sims 3. It lists the person’s interest when you tap on them at the bottom of the screen and to become their friend you have to talk about things that they like. You must choose between four topics when having a conversation, and at least one will be someone they have an interest in, sometimes two. They will reply to your topic, for example, if you talk about ” If you guess incorrectly, they get bored and you will lose a bit of their friendship. Friendship is determined by filling up a star bar. I found making friends in New York Nights just as easy or easier than in Sims 3. When becoming a friend with someone, you may receive clothes from your new friend which you can change into in your apartment wardrobe.

Objects in New York Nights are interactive. For example, if you tap on a mailbox, you can send things (providing you have enough cash) such as fan letters, which raise stats like Generosity and Charisma slightly. Other things you can interact with our beds, which can lower your Sleep bar.

Speaking of Sleep, New York Nights has two kinds of stats. Permanent stats and stats which rise and fall periodically. Stats like Hunger, Sleep, Dirtiness, Bathroom, and Crazy are gained and lost easily by sleeping, eating, cleaning and going to the washroom. The permanent stats (Body, Culture, Style, Charisma, Criminality, Generosity and Dance) are earned through dancing, reading, buying certain things like CDs, styling your hair, taking photographs of statues, and much more. Most things you do give more than one kind of status boost. Dancing, for instance, raises the Body stat as well as the Dance stat. It also raises the Crazy stat. Virtually everything thing you do or interact with changes your stats.


There’s a lot more to this game than I’m letting on. You can date, move in together, bully people, get different jobs and a lot more. Even when you finish the story, there are mini-quests to finish for Soul Points. There is basically an endless amount of things available to do.

One thing you can’t-do though is Flirt with people of the same gender. You can still get their number, but you can’t date them or kiss them.

An amazing experience

One thing I absolutely love about New York Nights is the adorable little characters. The characters aren’t 3D, but they’re quite attractive miniatures. Their faces are dynamic during a conversation, if they don’t like what you said, they’ll scowl, if they do, they’ll brighten up.

You can’t move the camera around (scrolling or zooming in and out), which is something I don’t like. You can’t even drag the screen around, only walk towards the edge of the screen which scrolls over for you.

In terms of actions, New York Nights delivers. Dancing, skating, even reading have their own little actions. Same with taking a photograph. With those small characters, you’d think it would be difficult to see what they were doing, but it works out perfectly.

The menus are all easily accessible, although the help menu didn’t really help that much. The whole storyline was filled with mini-tutorials thankfully.

A great and very useful implementation was the default iPod touch/iPhone status bar shown in the Pause menu. I found this extremely helpful as I didn’t have to exit the game to check the time or the battery.

Overall, the audio was enjoyable. The background music was pleasant and didn’t take away from the experience. The background noises were very realistic in terms of its chatter. Conversation giggles was a charming addition too.

There were annoying bits of audio, such as the hair and clothing choices in the character creation menu. There was a certain clicking sound that really got on my nerves. Thankfully, that noise didn’t appear often after that initial painful incident.


Although the first five hours or so of playing New York Nights was extremely captivating, with trying to complete the storyline and all, I found that after finishing the actual story, and the additional quests, it got just as boring as Sims 3.

It depends on whether you like playing a game after you’ve beaten it. With social simulation games, usually you have no objective besides doing certain things such as dating ten people in New York Nights, so you’re not exactly without anything to do after beating the game. Fans of Sims 3 will find as much enjoyment playing this game after beating it as Sims 3.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been actively comparing New York Nights to Sims 3 throughout this review, and I’m sure you want to know how this game stacks up against it. Personally, I enjoyed New York Nights loads more. There are simply just more things to do in general. While this game doesn’t have marriage or visiting other people’s houses (although you can invite someone to be your roommate and you can visit one other person’s house), it does have massive interaction with random objects. It also boasts a conversation system that beats Sims 3 hands down. It doesn’t mumble gibberish when talking, it gives you a reply to your topic that actually relates to it. And it isn’t just one reply per topic, it has several replies to a single topic. This alone won me over.

A final note, jailbroken users may want to play this game in Safe mode. It doesn’t crash often, but it does crash sometimes. On Safe mode, I didn’t experience any crashes in more than five hours of playing.

New York Nights: Success in the City Ratings


Gameplay/Controls: 9/10 – Very enjoyable, immersive. Could have more features.

Presentation/Graphics: 8/10 – Personally, I would have given it 10/10, but I know some people don’t enjoy miniature 2D characters. 3D problem aside, the detail is just amazing, take a look at the screenshots below. (They even have pigeons! Pigeons that fly away when you get too close to them!)

Audio: 8/10 – Enjoyable background music and realistic background noise and giggles. Annoying clicking sounds relating to clothing selection.

Replay Value: 6/10 – While the storyline is entertaining, I find it hard to keep playing after beating it. Sims 3 fans will still find enjoyment though.

Value for the Money: 10/10 – It’s $2.99 and in my opinion, better than Sims 3 which is three times its price.

Overall: 8.2/10 – “Great”. I highly recommend this game if you like Sims 3 or have been thinking about getting Sims 3.

Download the game here.


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