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New iPhone 8 schematic leak suggests an iPhone X

A leaked iPhone schematic from China confirms an iPhone X is in the making.

Posted online, a schematic for the iPhone 8 depicts a device with an L shaped battery, A11 processor, and dual cameras. The picture is not in the best shape in it seems like it has been taken in a rush. We can see a dual-cameras on the back arranged vertically rather than horizontally as previously rumored. The picture is said to have been made by a Foxconn worker who has seen Apple’s plans for the smartphone. This new drawing of the iPhone 8 may offer some interesting details about the phone’s design, assuming they’re based on Apple’s actual plans.

iPhone X
iPhone X Leaked Schematics

A message in Chinese at the bottom of the picture translates “Found it in my Dad’s case” and at the top, we can definitely see an “iPhone X” writing in English and Chinese.

The colored areas suggest an L shaped battery, an A11 chip and dual cameras which confirm several rumors about the new iPhone due to be announced at the Apple Event this September. We may not see Apple’s new iPhone until October or November and these schematics are definitely not verified; however, they do align with current expectations. We’ll likely see more leaks as the production of the iPhone 8 gets busy.

An unconfirmed rumor made reference to this design possibility and naming for the iPhone 8 a short while ago. The schematic shows that Apple will add quite a few components towards the bottom of the phone, including a Taptic Engine and 3D Touch module, and two standalone 3D Touch modules that would flank a fingerprint reading component. This particular detail suggests there’s no physical home button on the iPhone 8, and the space that had been occupied by the home button has been repurposed for these new components. One of the most probable rumors is the lack of Home button and the integration of a facial recognition sensor.

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