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New iPhone 8 Leaked Pictures and Rumors

With the iPhone 8 expected to be delayed and not arrive in retail stores until November, Apple has to keep its audience excited and engaged around the tenth-anniversary handset… and willing to wait a few months to buy it. But at the same September event, it is expected to update the iPhone 7  to the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.

This is far the leaks suggest Apple is making the move to OLED and extending the iPhone’s display. Also, the fingerprint sensor appears on the back more and more.

We also found out that Apple might equip the iPhone 8 with a 3D laser system to make for better AR functionality. Reports say that the rear-facing laser will enable better depth detection for augmented reality apps and a more accurate type of autofocus for photography.

new iPhone 8 leaked pictures

While the images that we have don’t show the face of the iPhone 8, they do show an all-black model like the one we’ve seen time and time again.

Also, it seems that the cutout we’ve seen in the top of the iPhone 8’s display is present more and more in the leaked pictures. It could end up either being a brilliant move or a hideous compromise but we will see when the time comes. Interestingly, a new set of leaked pictures shows us how both scenarios.

YouTube user EverythingApplePro got his hands on what he says is the official dummy model that Apple sends to case manufacturers so that they can get the dimensions and cut out areas spot on. While it doesn’t look much different to other renders and leaked photos we’ve been before, it’s good to see the phone in the flesh and on camera. This dummy model still implies the Touch ID sensor will be embedded in the screen.

Watch the video and subscribe to his YouTube channel for more.

iPhone 8 - Hands On With Prototype & Case!

We hope you guys enjoyed our gallery of leaked iPhone 8 pictures to date. Comment below and tell us your opinion on these pictures.



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