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Meet Avokiddo, the studio behind DNA Play and Thinkrolls

Avokiddo is an award-winning creative studio specializing in the development of quality educational apps for children. The 3 founders, Vagelis Katsantonis, Dionisis Voulgaris and Elpida Voulgari have a very diverse background, including studies and experience in architecture, virtual reality, engineering, computer science, graphic arts, interactive design and video production. What they all share in common is their passion to create challenging and stimulating digital experiences for kids that stand out for their quality, originality, and attention to detail.


Avokiddo has developed 8 educational apps since 2012, focusing on various learning topics, like logic and problem solving, physics, STEM, biology, emotions, early vocabulary and spelling. Avokiddo’s apps have won numerous awards and have received global press coverage from major media outlets, like USA Today, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Financial Times and more.


The Thinkrolls series are being widely used in schools (kindergarten and elementary) to help kids develop logical thinking and mathematical reasoning. Thinkrolls 2 received one of the most prestigious awards, the “Best Families App” Award in the inaugural Google Play Awards at I/O 2016. DNA Play was awarded “Best of 2015” by Apple and is displayed in many Apple Retail Stores in the US and worldwide. Most of Avokiddo apps have been awarded Top Pick by Common Sense Media and Editor’s Choice by Children’s Technology Review.


Avokiddo‘s apps are also very popular with speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists. They are used to help kids build vocabulary, develop critical thinking, express emotions and work on executive functioning skills like attention, focus and organizational skills.


Let’s have a look at the Avokkido creations:

We ARGH Pirates

We ARGH Pirates is a pirate adventure puzzle game designed for children between 6 and 8 years old and highly enjoyable by adults as well – I can tell you that for sure. The game has 4 main characters with hilarious personalities that will help you find all the treasures and solve the puzzles.

The funky pirate crew of 4 is composed of Captain Rose, Claire ‘Long Hair’, Ruprecht ‘The Shovel’, and Zany Granny.

The game graphics and sound are amazing and I can tell that a lot of work has been put in drawing all the scenes. The design follows a similar art style of past Avokiddo games, which is a paper cutout aesthetic. There are 8 scenes on the map that you need to follow and discover all the secrets and treasures, gems, buried chests, and mysteries.

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Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens

Thinkrolls Kings & Queens is an epic adventure of logic, physics, and fun. Practice reasoning, memory, and problem-solving skills in this challenging puzzle game that is loved by kids and parents alike!

The game contains 228 physics puzzles, 12 fairytale castles, toothy crocodiles, goofy ghosts and a friendly dragon, provide hours of fun-filled play and brain training for the whole family. Unlock the fun, unleash the magic, and let your young knight or princess embark on an epic quest of twists and turns.

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Thinkrolls 2 is an enlightening logic puzzler for kids 3-9. This much-anticipated follow-up to the award-winning, best-selling app Thinkrolls is molding the next generation of scientific geniuses and will have the whole family enthralled. Children must use all their wits to navigate 32 spunky characters through 270 levels of increasingly complex mazes (135 for ages 3-5 and 135 for ages 5-9).

Whether fans of the original, highly addictive rolling ball platformer clamoring for more or new to the world of these irresistible balls with the pocketfuls of personality, Thinkrolls 2 will prove a thought-provoking challenge second to none.

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Set your child’s mind in motion. Thinkrolls are the 22 hilarious characters in this educational app that are one part rolling ball platformer, one part physics puzzler and 100% irresistible for kids 3-8. Kids will have a blast navigating their Thinkrolls through a series of obstacles in brightly patterned mazes.

Each chapter introduces a new object with unique physical properties which kids discover through hands-on manipulation. Little players encounter and use to their advantage force, acceleration, buoyancy, heat, elasticity, and gravity to get their Thinkrolls where they need to go. Named one of the “10 Top Kids Apps of 2014” by USA Today, give it a go.

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DNA Play introduces kids to the basic concept of DNA in an easy pure-play style. Learn how to build creatures by completing a series of simple DNA puzzles. Get creative and experiment with crazy mutations of different body parts by altering genes. Have fun playing with your monsters and change their form in real-time while they dance, skate, eat or sleep.

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Avokiddo Emotions lets kids of all ages explore feelings in a free play style. There are no rules or pre-set expectations other than to have fun while learning fundamental social skills. Whether their intent is to make an animal laugh or cry, kids are in control every step of the way.

These animals have strong personalities and are expressing a wide range of emotions in a variety of scenarios. See them jump in response to a horn or alarm. Watch their ears flatten and droop when sad. Make their eyes roll and hear them giggle with delight.

Don’t be surprised to also see your kids dance, giggle and grin as they transform the giraffe into a disco dancer, join the zebra at a Mexican fiesta, put the sheep at his castle or watch the moose going underwater. This app is all about learning through play.

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Beck and Bo is a fun educational game for toddlers and preschoolers. Kids are invited to build beautiful, animated scenes by identifying characters, objects, and animals and placing them in the environment; and while they do that, they listen to their names and sounds! Piece by piece they bring to life colorful, fascinating scenes, full of sounds, animations, and fun interactive activities.

Kids will love building a snowman, getting fruits from the grocery store, putting the dog on the trampoline, watering the flowers in the backyard, controlling the traffic in the city center and discovering all the interactive objects within a scene (12 different scenes included).

The game is a combination of free play and puzzle. Each scene is gradually built as kids use both their logic and imagination to place objects and animals in the environment while they listen to their names and sounds. After a scene is complete, kids are rewarded by gaining access to the scene’s unique interactive album, where they can browse through the scene’s objects, listen to their names and sounds and see how these words are spelled.

This fun educational app offers a whole host of scenarios for creative pretend play. Playhouse in the bedroom and the backyard, pick and match food at the grocery store, swing, and slide at the playground. Kids will love to swim and play ball at the beach, control the traffic in the city, pick apples from the apple tree, win prizes at the theme park and so much more!

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Avokiddo ABC Ride is an original app that is sure to engage little kids in creative play while helping them learn their ABC’s through playful exploration. In this enjoyable bike ride, kids use their imagination and logic to find the hidden letters and set them free to spell a word.


Have you ever seen the letter E hatched from an egg? How about a K popping out of a kangaroo’s pouch? Join your favorite characters Beck and Bo in this wonderful A – Z alliteration adventure and experience the alphabet like never before! The inventive letter/word association that is established through active exploration and amusing interactions is directly related to each letter. The G is wrapped in a gift, the H is hidden under a hat, the S swims with the seal, the J is jammed up in the jelly, W is pulled out of a well.


The free ride style in a seamless environment provides a unified visual/auditory experience that builds excitement and anticipation as to what comes next.


Start your journey by putting Beck or Bo on the bike. Drag the bike to move seamlessly across 26 interactive scenes loaded with fun preschool activities and puzzles. Each scene offers a unique, hide and seek game associated with a letter and a word. The G is wrapped in a Gift, the H is hidden under a Hat, the S swims with the Seal, the J is jammed up in the Jelly, the W is pulled out of a Well.

Kids will use their logic, observation, and problem-solving skills to find the hidden letters in a whole host of scenarios and unexpected animal encounters! Bathe the cute pig, feed the hungry hippo, take care of the crying baby monkey, match vegetables, build a robot and so much more! Learning the alphabet has never been so fun!

Practice spelling, phonics, and word recognition! Drag the letters in place to spell the words while listening to the letter names or phonetic sounds. Choose between lowercase or uppercase letters. Adjust the difficulty by having letters shuffled or in order.


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A few words from the founders of Avokiddo:


“At Avokiddo we strive to create quality and original playful experiences. We believe children learn best when they don’t realize they are actually learning. Knowledge must come naturally through exploration and unlimited trial and error. All our apps are based on this notion. In Thinkrolls logic puzzles, for example, kids are encouraged to try as many different strategies as they like, with no penalties or time limits until they get it right. During this creative process, kids not only explore a wealth of physics concepts but also develop important life skills such as problem-solving, concentration, patience, persistence, strategizing and creative thinking.”Dionisis Voulgaris, Co-founder, Owner, Director


“At Avokiddo we like to push the edge of how kids think and learn. We believe that it is never too early for kids to start exploring science concepts. An article on The Sunday Times sums up perfectly the idea behind our app DNA Play: ‘Sneak scientific knowledge under a child’s radar by turning it into a game’. In the guise of a hilarious monster creating a game, kids get their first glimpse of genetics, a scientific field that encloses the mysteries of life itself.” – Elpida Voulgari, Co-founder, Owner