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How to make Siri read your WhatsApp messages

The WhatsApp app we downloaded for the first time years ago has nothing to do with what we have now. Since the purchase of the company by Facebook, the instant messaging platform has been suffering a lot of changes that has driven the implementation of the “Simple Messaging System” proposal that we were offered at the outset. Some changes have been quite controversial, such as the implementation of the new states; But others have gone unnoticed, as is the case of the novelty of which we will speak today.

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And is that not all the changes they have made to the app are not bad, some have some utility. This time, we will teach you to configure Siri to read the most recent messages we have received, a function that has been implemented in the last update of the app. The truth is, it was time for Siri to begin to integrate more with the most popular instant messaging client in the world.

Let Siri read your WhatsApp messages


Thanks to the latest iOS updates, developers now have the ability to connect their apps with Siri. In this way, the voice assistant achieves some more users without Apple having to be the one that adds them, and will be used by more users. In the case of WhatsApp, until the last update we could only send messages and make calls, however, from now on, we can give Siri permissions to read the last messages received.


As you can see in the image above, you simply have to ask for it, and the first time you will indicate the necessary permissions to perform the action. Once you have granted them, you will only have to ask to know who has been sending you messages, and all this without touching the cell phone thanks to “Hey, Siri.”



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