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MacOS High Sierra Features and Release Date

The new macOS is available for download in its beta stage right now and we are expecting the full release in autumn. It will be available for free download just like the beta is free for everyone who owns a Mac that supports this software. Apple announced macOS High Sierra at the WWDC keynote event this year, which was a little bit surprising since they are usually announcing it at their annual developer event.

The new OS will be more reliable, capable and responsive and altogether faster for everyday use.

It uses new technologies and it will improve your data storage, apps you use on a daily basis and it will unleash the full power of its processor. The OS uses a new technology for data storing called Apple File System which will make accessing your files easier, more responsive and safer and more secure. They are implementing a new standard for video in this new version of macOS. The new standard is called HEVC(High-Efficiency Video Coding, also known as H.265) which will make your videos look and perform better and it is very popular for watching 4K videos. HEVC will offer better compression of the videos than before.

High Sierra will feature a new GPU technology called Metal 2. Metal 2 is a technology built into macOS that allows apps to unleash the full power of the GPU, so in another word, your GPU will perform better in your basic apps but also in the more demanding ones. Virtual Reality is now supported on the newest Macs running this software. You will be able to connect your HTC Vive, Steam VR or any other VR headset to your Mac.


Photos app in this new software now implements new ways to edit your photos and to organize your library. In Safari we noticed a major improvement in speed which made our browsing experience more smoother. Also, Safari now keeps unexpected and unwanted videos with audio from auto-playing when you open up a web page. Apple added some cool new features to Siri, you can now ask Siri to be your personal DJ – to create playlists to your liking and preferences.

Improvements list is very long and we only focused on getting the key features included in this article, but you can see the whole list and instructions on how to download the beta on the official Apple site.  If you have any comments and questions please write below in our comment section and be sure to check our macOS High Sierra page to stay informed about the newest software.



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