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The latest leak of the iPhone 8 could bring very good news

All rumors point to the Apple iPhone 8 (iPhone X, iPhone Edition or simply “iPhone”) come with features, news, specifications and amazing features; In addition to a spectacular design.

Now that the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 have hit the smartphone market, Apple fans have had a small taste of what the Apple iPhone 8 can offer. Like the handsets of the competition, the smartphone of the 10th anniversary of the iPhone will have a new design with an OLED display from edge to edge and a virtual home button integrated into it.

In addition, this Home button integrated into the OLED screen we talked about could incorporate the Touch ID functionality if Apple manages to insert the modules of the fingerprint sensors under the touch screen of the iPhone 8.

An iPhone 8 with Touch ID on the OLED screen would destroy its rivals

Apple has been working for years on the i + d of the integration of the Touch ID function on the iPhone screen, as the patents indicate. We know that someday it will happen. What we do not know is whether it will happen in 2017.

In fact, it appears that the company has had problems implementing the Touch ID sensors on the iPhone 8. Although it is also having problems with OLED panels. It is said that for these two complications Apple will delay the launch of the terminal until October or November.

Hopefully, Apple will not happen like Samsung and will eventually be forced to implement the Touch ID feature on the back of the iPhone 8. The Galaxy S8 has the fingerprint reader on the back and consumers seem a little visually aesthetic in addition Of little functional.

The latest leaks seem to indicate that the iPhone 8 will have the Touch ID on the front, inserted in the virtual home button of the OLED screen. We will see if it is finally this way soon!



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