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The latest iOS 10 bug blocks your iPhone by using the Control Center

IOS is the most stable and fluid operating system on the market, and of course it is much more secure than Android, but even so, it does not get rid of time to time of the appearance of bugs that cause the block or restart of our terminal. Although iOS 10 is probably the best update to date, have just discovered a new bug that although it does not produce serious failures in your terminal, if that will cause the lock and restart. Want to know how it affects your iPhone and where to find it?

The first website to report it has been the Italian website AmiciApple, according to which this bug appears in the most recent versions of iOS, iOS 10.3.2 beta and originates through the Control Center. However, the ruling is not going to increase and Apple has not even made it public yet.

Specifically, the bug originates when accessing the Control Center and simultaneously select an option of the lower – alarm clock, calculator or camera – and also Night Shift and AirDrop. That is, you have to use three fingers to activate all three options at once several times for the bug to occur. Something far-fetched, but there is no such thing as daily use for these bugs to appear when you least expect it.

When it occurs, your terminal will freeze for a few seconds and restart. Then everything will return to normal. In some cases, the device remains frozen and it will be necessary to force the reboot ourselves.

The web itself has uploaded a video so we can see how this bug works. Actually, it’s unlikely to happen, but it’s always good to know.

We insist, this is an unimportant failure that probably Apple will remedy in future updates, but it is always curious to know what bugs we are exposed.




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