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How to know if the second hand iPhone you are buying is stolen

The buying and selling of second-hand devices is very popular. Web sites like eBay, Amazon or different forums and social networks are the places where you practice buying and selling. It’s not illegal. Not if your device, iPhone in this case, has not been stolen.

You can be the victim to whom your iPhone is stolen or, on the other hand, the victim to whom they sell a stolen iPhone. And since iFans doesn’t want that to happen to you, here is a tool that will help you to know if the iPhone you are going to buy is stolen or not.

Stolen Phone Checker, the tool that will tell you if an iPhone is stolen or not

Stolen Phone Checker is an online tool that, after entering the IMEI number, will tell us if the iPhone we are going to buy is stolen.

The use of this tool is extremely simple. As I said, just enter the IMEI and voila! Unfortunately, there are some conditions:

  • Its use is limited to 5 uses per day unless you belong to law enforcement, which will have unlimited uses.
  • Its use, for the time being, is limited to the United States. We hope will reach other countries soon.





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