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iPhone X Will Face Even More Availability Shortages

iPhone users always eagerly await the newest device release and in October 2017, the latest iPhone X was released. However, Apple received a massive amount of orders and there was fear that there would be a shortage of devices. With stock shortages and preorders for the new phone still coming in, many consumers were not able to get their hands on the newest iPhone.

How to Avoid Losing Out on the Chance to Get the iPhone X


Apple products are some of the hottest items on the market and users are always watching for new items to be developed and released for sale. Unfortunately, many new devices sell out quickly since retailers are only allowed a small number of devices. With the recent shortage of the new iPhone X, consumers are left trying to figure out how they can get their hands on these new items.

Preorder As Soon as Possible


Whenever Apple rolls out a new product, it is bound to be one that is a hot commodity, so it is important for anyone looking to get one of the latest phones or tablets to place a preorder. Experts advised those that were seeking the new iPhone X to place a preorder as soon as possible as orders are filled as they come in. The new phone was expected to sell out quickly and many retailers and networks were only allotted a small number of these phones.


Stay Informed on Production


If consumers missed their chance to preorder the latest device, they need to keep an eye on industry news to know when they will become available. Unfortunately, due to the shortage, it is not expected for the new phones to become available again until January or February, causing many consumers the inability to score one of these hot devices in time for the holidays. One of the main reasons for the shortage of phones is that the iPhone X components needed to be held up production and this caused Apple to reduce the production of the iPhone X by 40 million to 20 million, a huge 50% cut. To know when the new device will be available again, consumers need to keep an eye on the market and know when the next launch day will be so they can once again have the chance to preorder.


Features and Options on the New iPhone X


Each time Apple creates a new product. They add amazing features and options that will appeal to consumers, making the new device one that must be had. With the iPhone X, users will enjoy a new design, many added features, better software and top performance. There are a number of benefits to the iPhone X over the latest iPhone 8, so it comes as no surprise that there is already a shortage of devices to meet the needs and demands of consumers.


Enhanced Product Design


The design of the new iPhone X is slightly smaller than the iPhone 8 and the only similarity between the two is the glass back. There are external speakers, a 5.8-inch display and Face ID recognition. The sleek design is not only visually appealing, but the device feels perfect in the hand and is light-weight, so it is a comfortable design that will be enjoyed by all users.


Device Performance


There has not been much improvement in regards to performance over the iPhone 8. Both devices offer the A11 Bionic chipset with a six-core CPU, M11 motion coprocessor and 3GB of RAM. The A11 offers 25% faster CPU performance and 30% faster GPU performance and there is a drastic increase of 70% in regards to multitasking speeds.


Other Amazing Attributes of the iPhone X


There have been many improvements to this latest device over older iPhone models, so it is easy to understand why this is one of the hottest items of the year. In addition to a great design and amazing performance, the new iPhone X has some other superb qualities that make it one of the most wanted Apple devices of all time. Some of the top reasons consumers are seeking out this hard to find item include:

  • Enhanced battery life offering two hours more than the iPhone 8
  • There is more storage on the device with options including 64 GB and 256 GB
  • The second 12MP camera is faster than the iPhone 8 camera and offers optical image stabilization


Apps, Games and More


The new iPhone X also comes with Siri, which can be used as a translator, the latest Apple Music software and many preinstalled games and apps. This great device can also be used to enjoy the greatest augmented reality games as well as many popular games featured on social media platforms. The iOS includes basic apps on the device and millions more can be downloaded from the App Store. If users are looking to engage in online gambling, they can use the latest iPhone X to play desktop or mobile casinos with the mobile experience, they can enjoy access to leading games that can generate real money payouts.


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