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iPhone 8 will have Touch ID under the screen?

New rumors appeared today after a schematic display of iPhone 8 devices with a rear-facing Touch ID sensor appeared. IDrop News has released a new article with new renders that tells Apple to test at least two versions of the device and one of them has a Touch ID integrated into the screen.

Of course, this is nothing new for now. Each company will always test several different prototypes to determine what will be the best for the market. Sources leaking these things to iDrop News are employed by Foxconn and say both prototypes are being tested and both have advantages and disadvantages.

They believe that Apple will be introducing a different model this autumn, whose Touch ID sensor will be integrated below the screen, instead of the version where it would be moved to the back of the device, as is the case with a number of popular Android models. The article also states that the iPhone 8 had edges around the screen which are 4mm long. Because of this, the front camera of the device was also hidden beneath the screen, which is another thing we hear for the first time.

These days, Weibo’s Chinese social network appeared to be an unknown user who allegedly saw an engineering sketch or drawing of a new 5.8 “OLED iPhone model we expect this fall as iPhone 8.
The drawing at the front corresponds to what rumors have been talking about since last year, the almost non-existent edges on the left and right side of the device, and more noticeably cut edges below and above the screen. From the rear, you can see the vertically facing camera body and a surprise – the Touch ID sensor. Some rumors have already hinted the vertical setup of the camera before, but moving the Touch ID to the device’s backward reader is a pretty novelty.

According to the sketch, the iPhone 8 has dimensions of 72.5 x 149.5 x 7.1 mm, therefore without much deviation compared to the iPhone 7, which measures 67.1 x 138 x 7.1 mm. The only difference is a fairly bigger screen encased in a casing of similar dimensions. Although this seems all fairly reasonable, it should be borne in mind that even if it is a real iPhone 8 design, this does not have to be the final design of the device, as it is known that Apple always tests several different prototypes with different designs.

Whether the Touch ID will be hidden in the screen or flipped back depends on how much technology this really is. If there are any doubts, Apple will opt for a safer version, just like Samsung who did not want to risk the new Galaxy S8, so their fingerprint reader was moved back to the camera.



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