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An iPhone user uses apps an average of 2h 15min a day

Data shared by App Annie shows how iPhone users spend an average of 2 hours and 15 minutes a day on apps. The average indicates that each person has between 60 and 90 applications installed on their iPhone.

However, we do not usually use all iPhone apps. Of those 60-90 apps, we only use 30 of them a month, and 9 of them a day.

“The utilities and tools are the leaders’ thanks to pre-installed applications such as Safari on iOS and Google on Android. After the pre-installed applications, some of the most used categories are Social Networks, Communication and Social. “

The time spent using applications varies dramatically depending on the type of application.

“The applications of analytics and productivity saw the most repeated sessions of half a day, specifically 4 sessions a day. Finance and productivity users spent less than a minute per session in these categories. “

Interestingly, iPhone users play 30% fewer games than Android users. Currently, iOS apps generate far more benefits than Android apps even though iPhone users are less globally.

Apple has offered alternative pricing options in the App Store to European countries and an increase in prices. This will make things change with respect to Android.

A report in February said the iPhone user in the United States spent an average of $ 40 on apps during 2016, downloading 33 new apps.

There is no doubt that this is quite interesting statistics. The data that has impacted me most is that we have installed on the iPhone between 20 and 40 applications that we do not open once a month.

In my case, I usually use a lot of applications a day, but I do on the iPad leaving the iPhone for things more punctual. How about you? How many applications do you use per day? How much time do you spend using your iPhone?



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