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iPhone Camera Tips and Tricks – Features and Modes

We used to bring our digital cameras everywhere we go before because our phone cameras just weren’t good enough to take quality pictures. Since few years our mobile phones are all we really need for taking photos. Whether you are a professional photographer or just beginner, almost all your needs will be satisfied with your phone’s camera. In this article, we will talk more about all kinds of tips & tricks you can use to get better photos with your iDevice.

Camera modes you can use on your iDevice are Panorama (move your phone horizontally at a slow and steady rate to get panorama pictures), Square (photo mode that shoots pictures with square aspect ratio), Portrait (available on iPhone 7 Plus since it uses 2 camera lenses), Photo (default camera mode), Video (default video mode), Timelapse (speeded up video) and Slow-mo (video in slow motion). There is also Apple’s Live Photos mode that captures few seconds of live action with each photo that you take, just bear in mind that these pictures will take up more storage space.

As far as the focus of the picture is concerned, you can tap on your screen to focus (square box) the certain part of the picture. It is also possible to change the exposure level with a swipe of your finger.

You can access your iPhone camera quicker on your lock screen instead of unlocking your device and pressing Camera icon. From the lock screen, swipe your finger left across the screen and the camera app will appear. If your phone is unlocked, you can also access your camera by just swiping up from the bottom of the iPhone’s  screen to bring up the Control Center, and you’ll see a camera icon in the bottom right corner.

If your iPhone supports 3D Touch you can access Selfie camera, Video and Slow-mo mode quicker by using 3D Touch on your camera app.

To zoom in or out you just need to pinch with your fingers on the screen.

On the newest iPhones, you can now take videos in 4K. To do this, you need to go to iPhone’s Settings, scroll down to Photos & Camera and press it. There you will find resolution section in which you can choose between different resolutions. Best you can choose is 60 fps in 4K, but this will take up a lot more of your storage space than other resolution modes. In these options, you can also turn on Grid (two horizontal and two vertical lines that divide the screen into nine equal parts) which will show on your screen when you take pictures.

We’ve seemed to cover most of the tips & tricks you can use on your iDevice but if you want to see some other tips & tricks for your device, be sure to check our Tips & Tricks section.



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