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The iPhone could be banned in the USA

The legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple seems to have no end, in fact, every day that passes seems to grow. The latest news is that the maker of chips and modems plans a strategy that would ban iPhone entry to the United States, according to Bloomberg. And is that Qualcomm has not been at all good that Apple fails to pay the corresponding fees and is ready to counterattack.

Qualcomm prepares a petition to the International Trade Commission to prevent the iPhone, which we recall is made in Asia, enter the country. Can you imagine the prohibition of Apple’s flagship product in the territory where it most sells and in which it also has its headquarters? This lock would arrive in autumn, just in time for the launch of the iPhone 10th anniversary edition, also known as iPhone 8, iPhone Edition, iPhone X or simply iPhone.

Qualcomm and Apple have a legal dispute in progress since last January that began when the FTC complained about Qualcomm for alleged anti-competitive practices in patents. Shortly after, Apple sued Qualcomm, accusing it of charging it with abusive royalties for “technologies that have nothing to do” and therefore, refusing to pay their respective quarterly fees.

In April, Qualcomm counter-attacked Apple for defaulting on licensing agreements, making false statements and encouraging investigations and attacks on Qualcomm’s business in several countries. Qualcomm notes that without them, Apple could never have built its incredible emporium around the iPhone.

A few weeks ago the demand heated when Apple stopped paying royalties, further reaffirming that it would not do so again until a court determined the amount owed. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO himself, reaffirmed two days ago in his interview with US television, asserting that they would not open the wallet until the court decided simply because Qualcomm refuses to license its patents on FRAND terms, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory, ie fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory.

And is that for the Cupertino is as easy as you can not pay something when it is not known exactly how much has to be paid. It seems that Qualcomm would be trying to charge a percentage of the value of the iPhone, but its patented technologies in modems are only a small part of the iPhone itself and are not the key to success of the smartphone.

But of course, the last one of Qualcomm is simply brutal. How are they going to get the iPhone banned from entering the United States? In reality, this blockade could occur if the International Trade Commission puts aside Qualcomm, in addition to what we think, since it acts more quickly than ordinary justice, which would take years to do, but it is hard to imagine that This measure materialises.



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